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Ok, is there any way that we can change the title for both this page and its canon counterpart? Maybe something like "Ryloth Supply Crisis" or "Toydarian Supply Debate" or "Big Ryloth Patty with Supply Fries on the Side", seriously! Anything but this mouthful. -

Completely agreed. The title is absolutely ridiculous, and having a concise and logical title should be more important than simply sounding formal. I honestly that the title was a joke when I first read it.

  • The page was created with the name Mission to Toydaria, then moved to its current name to reflect its official title. This is per site naming policy, which insists on "the most formal" version of a subject's name. (The canon page, when it was created, was named the same as the Legends version.)

    I'd like to know whether an official source writes the title with the usage gaffe of using the noun "aide" where it intends the verb "aid." I've assumed that this is error is correctly transcribed from a source, and marked the offending word with a sic. Can someone with access to one of the written sources verify the spelling? Thank you! Asithol (talk) 19:34, October 19, 2016 (UTC)