Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where Tom's character appears in Return of The Jedi, or if he has been given a backstory? I'd love to get some screenshots as I met him a couple of times. Smellynerfherder 13:33, 14 April 2008 (UTC)

  • Could he possibly be Commander Merrejk? Gherant is Star Destroyer Captain #1, Tom Mannion is Star Destroyer Captain #2, could Mannion possibly be Merrejk? 02:06, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

I know Tom Mannion, and he definitely isn't the guy in the image on the Merrejk article. Either the photo is wrong, or Tom Mannion definitely wasn't Merrejk. Smellynerfherder 07:27, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

  • According to this site, he is Merrejk. Obviously, though, the site could be wrong. You said you know the guy? How well? Can you contact him and ask him? It'd be nice to get to the bottom of this... — Hunter Kahn 15:01, September 10, 2010 (UTC)
    • Incidentally, in the script there are two people listed as Star Destroyer Captain (#1 and #2), with Mannion listed as #2. Based on their lines, it appears Mannion would have played either Merrejk or Gherant, and currently Pip Miller is listed as having played the former... — Hunter Kahn 15:13, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, oddly I know Pip Miller too, and he definitely is Gherant from the picture. This is the best pic I can find on the web of Mannion [1] from 1988, so you can see that he looks nothing like the picture of the man supposed to be Merrejk. I wish I could offer some more information.

  • To me, that photo does looks like Merrejk. I also found another photo that looks like the guy. And the fact is there are web sources that indicate Mannion plays Merrejk, so unless you can provide something more solid to the contrary, I don't see any reason that information can't be added back to the article. You say you know Mannion. Is there any way we can get in touch with him to verify this? If so, we could even perhaps do a Wookieepedia interview with him and settle this matter once and for all. — Hunter Kahn 21:16, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

I don't see how it does. The point of the picture I put up is that since it's from 1988, in 1983, he would've been too young to be the guy in the Merrejk photo anyway. As for other web sources, they're sadly mistaken too. I think the problem is a lack of stills in open source, so we can't match every character to a face, which is frustrating to us hardcore SW fans. I used to go on Christian summer camps with Tom Mannion's daughter. I can attempt to get in touch with him. Smellynerfherder 08:06, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

  • There are several different star destroyers, and several different star destroyer captains in Episode 6. What star destroyer does he appear on? Does Tom Mannion have any lines or is he just seen? Try to get in touch with him. 23:08, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

After stumbling onto the Merrejk page and trying to track down the actor, I thought it was Tom Mannion based on some of the same photos listed here. The Taggart TV show guest star page that ID's various guest stars, including 3 appearances by Mannion, including one in 1988 looks to me a lot like Merrejk's face. Merrejk seems to have a pronounced dimple/wrinkle on the lower left cheek, near the mouth, and the actor likewise has the same facial shape.

Here's an interview with Mannion himself, who believes that his scenes were cut from the original version of ROTJ, but perhaps if the line was dubbed over, might not recognize himself with a different voice.

Jawajames (talk) 00:32, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

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