"veeshas" seems to indicate "vicious."

Page 131

On Page 131 of the Tales of the Jedi Companion it talks about, and I quote, Before the Fall of the Sith Empire, Arkania served both as one of the few Imperial records halls and as a repository for Sith lore. A great library covered more than five square kilometers, and bore down into the planet’s surface for countless levels. In sealed chambers Sith sorcerers conducted dark-side experiments and transcribed Sith rituals for their own use. For several thousand years the library grew in both knowledge and physical size, eventually becoming too large for even the most experienced Sith lords to easily locate the in formation they sought. After the Fall, hundreds of Jedi Masters descended upon Veeshas Tuwan (the Sith name for the hall-and library complex) and destroyed the entire structure. Not a single resource was saved, for the Jedi feared any remaining dark-side knowledge might allow the Sith to return to power at some point in the future. After the annihilation of Veeshas Tuwan, the world was left uninhabited for millennia. End quote. Now, how do I get the page number 131 into the quote? How do I get this source attached to the description? Why is the slash for the end of ref included in the ref, and sometimes not? And why do I get a template error when I try and cobble something together to match the only ref in here that has a page number?

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