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Cognition Hood

"You do not understand us. We do not just talk to our starfighters. We become our starfighters."
Yuuzhan Vong pilot[src]

Tall-Yor, more commonly known as Cognition-hoods, were the interfaces that the Yuuzhan Vong used to interact with, and pilot, their ships. Cognition-hoods were not separate organisms, but actually a part of the vessels they were shaped into, and connected to their pilots through neural cusps. Hoods would send information to the pilot in the Yuuzhan Vong, which it usually received from a yammosk. Hoods were also believed to respond to actions and physical movements that only the Yuuzhan Vong themselves could perform. The cognition hoods not only helped the pilot control the ship better but also was a speaker to help the pilots talk to each other. The cognition hoods would store some of the moves the pilot made and would help them plot exact procedures and precise attacks.

A larger variant was the cognition throne.


Krayt cognitionhood

A'Sharad Hett using a Yorik-et's cognition hood.


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