The Tallon Roll was a starfighter maneuver named after Adar Tallon.[2]


The Tallon Roll in practice

This difficult tactic was performed when an attacking starfighter pilot became aware of the possibility of overshooting a breaking target. The pilot would level out, pull up hard, then roll away from the direction of the turn. To complete the maneuver the attacking pilot would have to slide in behind his target, thus effectively altering the angle of approach without losing distance or speed. This maneuver was difficult to counter as it took place in the typical starfighter pilots' blind spot; at the same time the maneuver itself was difficult to accomplish without the attacker becoming disoriented himself, thus making him overshoot and possibly become a target himself.[1]

Because of the tight spaces within the Death Star II's coolant shaft, various TIE squadrons were forbidden to utilize this technique in the event that they had to pursue the Rebels down the shaft.[3]



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