Talloran Village was a small settlement on the planet Ord Mantell. It was located near to the stronghold of Fort Garnik. Around 3643 BBY[6] It was captured by the Mantellian Separatist Movement during the Separatist War which was part of the much large Cold War between the Galactic Republic and reconstituted Sith Empire.


Talloran village was a small settlement on the island of Avilatan on the planet of Ord Mantell. Originally built as a home for the families of laborers who worked in the warehouses and starship ports on the island, it was one of the few settlements not founded by criminals on Avilatan. It's occupants were generally thought to be hard working but poor and so were often exploited by the corrupt business men who made up the Mantellian government.

When, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, civil war broke on Ord Mantell many of the long exploited workers of Talloran supported the Mantellian Separatist Movement which rose up to oppose the government. The Separatists eventually in around 3643 BBY captured the village during a night attack in which they used combat droids. However this proved disastrous for the inhabitants who didn't flee the village as the Republic Army and the Matnellian Army besieged the settlement and trapped the civilians inside along with the separatist soldiers.[1]

Talloran warehouse

Talloran central warehouse

Those who were trapped in the village included the thief Reki who had fled to his safe house there to escape the previously captured Mannett Point. He remained inside his safe house above the Talloran central warehouse along with a pair of widows whose husbands had been killed in the initial Separatist attack. Whilst here though he was visited by a smuggler known as Ace who had been sent by Reki's old friend Viidu, the head of Rendia Freight. Ace brought supplies for Reki, who was in desperate need of them, and in return wanted information on where to find a separatist named Skavak who had stolen Rogun's blasters from Viidu and the smuggler's ship. Reki told the capitan where to find a Separatist personal database on Mannett point and how to get their using Reki's old house.[4]

Also trapped in the village was a Republic spy named Bellis and his wife Lin. Bellis was watching the Separatists in the village for the Republic and had information on them which a member of Havoc Squad was sent to learn from him at a rendezvous. Bellis however was killed by Separatist forces before the Trooper could reach him, and the soldier instead traveled to his house to retrieve the agent's field box, which would also contain the needed information. In the house he met Bellis's widow who he informed of her husband's death. Lin was at first angry and blamed the Republic for his death as well as hugely upset, however she was persuaded to hand over the box so that her husbands death wasn't in vain.[3]

Some of those who fled the village ended up in a refugee camp just outside of Fort Garnik, including an Imperial spy named Alma who in the rush to leave her home had left behind a necklace she used to communicate with Imperial Intelligence. A Republic Agent named Ebenga took the opportunity to move into her house and try and find the necklace to prove her guilt but found that scavengers had already stolen it.

Alma house

Alma's home

Ace and the trooper were approached by Alma as they moved through the refugee camp on their way to Talloran for their separate missions. She asked the pair to recover her necklace which she claimed was her great grandmothers. Once the pair reached her home they were confronted by Ebenga who informed them of Alma's true nature and asked them to bring him the necklace which he would use as evidence of Alma's loyalty to the Empire. The pair successfully recovered it and brought it back to Ebenga who thanked them and later arrested Alma.[2]

Another occupant of the refugee camp, a Cathar named Yael, stole medical supplies from forces in Fort Garnik. She used them to treat her fellow refugees but was then robbed by the Separatists from Talloran.

Ace and the trooper were asked by Sergeant Hurd of the Republic Army in Garnik to recover the supplies and were lead to Yael by a description of the thief given by a guard who saw her. However, when they confronted the thief she revealed that she'd lost the supplies but only agreed to tell the pair where they were if they brought them back to her. The heroes agreed and then successfully retrieved the supplies for the Cathar after killing a number of Separatists.[7]

Separatist datalink

One of the Separatist datalinks

The Separatists in Talloran also converted several of the buildings there into safe houses, building data links on them which connected to a data link hub. These were used to transfer stolen Republic data from Garnik although Republic intelligence was aware of the operation.

Ace and the trooper received orders from the Ord Mantell military database via a Holovid information hub in Garnik to disable the data-links and the hub which they successfully did whilst in the village.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Talloran Village is a location in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic released in 2011 by BioWare. Talloran is an area in which a number of low level quests for the Smuggler and Trooper classes are found including "unsafe safe houses", "Mercy" and "Scavenger hunt" as well as the class specific quests "The spy" for the trooper and "Hungry for information" for the smuggler. Jedi players are also allowed to visit the village, as well as other location on Ord Mantell, but they cannot interact with any of the quests that Smugglers and Troopers do. It is impossible for Imperial players to reach Talloran as there is currently no way for them to travel to Ord Mantell.



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