Talmege was a human male who served as a Major in the Imperial Navy. On the planet Batonn, Elainye Pryce, Talmoor Pryce, and Arihnda Pryce were stopped by two Imperial Navy Troopers who informed them that ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen had sent a team to find Arihnda and Gudry in the Pryce family home. The troopers then pointed them in the direction of the Imperial HQ, and the three continued their escape.[1]

Elainye watched the explosion that destroyed the Creekpath mine and ended the Battle of Batonn from the safety of the HQ set up by Talmege. Following her daughter's orders, Elainye boarded a shuttle to Paeragosto City and then took the Duggenhei to the Governor's Mansion on Lothal.[1]


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