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Talon Squadron—also called Talon Squad—was a New Republic X-wing starfighter squadron formed shortly after the Battle of Thyferra. Commanded by Brevet Captain Myn Donos, it was dissolved after the Ambush at Gravan Seven in which eleven X-wing pilots were killed by Admiral Apwar Trigit's forces.


Talon Squadron was one of a number of new X-wing starfighter squadrons created by the New Republic. It was commissioned following the creation of Gauntlet Squadron, and prior to the formation of Wraith Squadron. All Talon pilots were trained by Lieutenants Derek Klivian and Wes Janson, veterans of Rogue Squadron, and placed under the command of Lieutenant Myn Donos, a bloodstriped Corellian pilot—then promoted to the rank of Brevet Captain.


"Talon Squad is gone."
"What do you mean, gone?"
"Wiped out. Ambush. Everyone is dead except Lieutenant Donos."
Wedge Antilles and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian[src]

In the Gravan system on 7 ABY (42:10:3),[1] following what seemed like a lone TIE Interceptor with no accompanying hyperspace-capable ship—previously marked safe by a New Republic Intelligence operative who turned out to be the Imperial-trained and Zsinj-loyal Gara Petothel—Talon Squadron found themselves ambushed over Gravan Seven by over three dozen TIE starfighters sent by Admiral Apwar Trigit. Only Brevet Captain Myn Donos and "Talon Twelve" survived the initial volley of laser fire. After a short dogfight where Donos and "Talon Twelve" were pursued by a dozen TIE fighters each, Donos managing to shoot down three of them and "Talon Twelve"'s X-wing sustaining minor damage—the lone TIE Interceptor that led Talon Squadron into the trap appeared once more. Donos discovered on a close pass inspection that it was a member of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group. The Interceptor pilot tried to get a targeting lock on "Talon Twelve" as Donos quickly tried to get behind. Both of them fired simultaneously. Donos' shot forced the Interceptor to disengage with damaged engines, but its shots landed hits on "Talon Twelve"'s X-wing causing it to break apart. "Talon Twelve" tried to eject, but her canopy initially jammed, prevented her from successfully escaping her doomed vessel. By the time her canopy broke loose, "Talon Twelve" was unconscious and her ejection seat shot into the side of a rift wall on the planet, killing her. With his whole squadron dead, Donos managed to survive the encounter and report back to his superiors, choosing to live only because he decided that he needed to inform the Talon Squadron members' families of the pilots' deaths.


"I've just read the report from your last transmission. I wanted to congratulate you on the destruction of Talon Squadron."
"Thank you. The code-slicer who planted the false information about the security of the Gravan system later reported that they have decommissioned Talon Squadron entirely.""
Warlord Zsinj and Admiral Apwar Trigit[src]

The ambush at Graven Seven left Donos as the sole Talon Squadron survivor. With such heavy losses, Talon Squadron was decommissioned and Donos transferred to Wraith Squadron, losing his brevet rank and remaining a lieutenant.

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In the WizKids' game, Star Wars PocketModel TCG: Base Set, Donos' X-wing appears as a representation of Talon Squadron in the Imperial Power-up Pack promotional release.



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