A Taloron Hunter

The Taloron Hunters were a group of elite mercenaries and hunters who operated after the demise of the Galactic Republic. The bounty hunter Crutag was one such hunter.

Their standard attire included protective armor over padding, including a skirt to protect the upper legs, a wide-brimmed helmet, a backpack, a side pouch, a blaster carbine with affixed vibrobayonet, and a non-powered sword.

The Taloron Hunters designed and manufactured the Prey Chaser.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Taloron Hunter illustration in The Star Wars Sourcebook is taken from concept art for Return of the Jedi which eventually evolved into the Emperor's Royal Guards. The same illustration later inspired the Imperial Sentinels of Dark Empire, as well as the cancelled Kenner action figure Atha Prime. There are also many similarities between their appearance and that of Embo.



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