"My people are not Jedi or Sith. But our existence has always been tied to the Force. We are aware of its presence."
―Urai Fen to Tyber Zann when arriving on Dathomir[src]

The Talortai were a mysterious race with both avian and reptilian qualities. One notable member of the species was Urai Fen, the bodyguard of Tyber Zann, head of the Zann Consortium. The Talortai were known to be Force-sensitive, able to distinguish between the light and dark sides of the Force, in addition to the ability to detect its presence. Urai Fen demonstrated this ability on the planet Dathomir, much to Tyber's surprise. The Force was a large part of this species' life; however, for unknown reasons, many did not become Jedi or Sith. Additionally, Urai mentioned that his Force-sensitivity was something he did not like to speak of.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Talortai were a scaled, bipedal race with an upper jaw similar in appearance to a beak. They were immune to the effects of aging, and at least one known member (Urai Fen) demonstrated the ability to rapidly regenerate injuries.


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