"Lieutenant Drellik has quite the reputation in his field. He's the perfect combination of brilliant, valuable, and deceptively non-threatening."
Darth Zash[src]

Lieutenant Talos Drellik was a Human male who was aligned with the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Galactic War.


"We do a more conceptual sort of soldiering. We fight the dark army of forgetting that threatens our history."
―Talos Drellik[src]

Talos Drellik was the son of Moff Drellik, who expressed his desire that one of his sons would be trained as a Sith and another would serve in the Imperial military. Talos' brother would be taken for training at the Sith Academy on Korriban by Darth Marr of the Dark Council, though he never spoke to his family again. Moff Drellik cursed his Sith son as an "ungrateful little rat", though Talos suspected this was simply his father's way of expressing his grief.

Following his father's wishes, Talos would join the Imperial military, and achieved the rank of lieutenant. However, he never excelled as a soldier; his true passion was history and archeology, leading him to join up with the Imperial Reclamation Service. To Talos, the Reclamation Service did an invaluable job, preserving Imperial and Sith history against the onslaught of time. He later commented that after the cursing had stopped, his father had warmed to the idea.

Unlike many Reclamation Service officers who are career soldiers with only a passing interest in history, Lieutenant Drellik had thrown himself into his work, studying with experts in the field such as the illustrious Professor Auselio Gann and galactic historian Deravon Wells.

In 3642 BBY, Talos was stationed on Hoth, searching for Sith ruins. While he was searching for the ruins in The Bitter End, he was approached by Lord Kallig, who came to Hoth in search of a Force ghost named Horak-mul. Talos provided assistance to Kallig in locating Horak-Mul's resting place. Afterwards, he resigned from the Reclamation Service to follow Kallig, serving faithfully even when his Master ran afoul of Darth Thanaton and eventually ascended to the Dark Council.

During Nox's travels to Rishi, Talos accompanied his lord during their visit to Lord Veijel, a local researcher on ancient alien technologies due to his experience as an archaeologist. When the Sith Lord stumbled upon machines that extended their lifespan and could potentially grant them eternal life, he advised against pursuing immortality, citing it as the downfall of many Sith, including Nox's former master Darth Zash.

Around 3632 BBY,[4] five years after Darth Nox disappeared in the wake of the invasion by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, Talos had returned to Yavin 4 to study the Temple of Sacrifice, where the artifact that Revan had intended to use to resurrect the Emperor had been held. The Hutt scientist Juvard Illip Oggurobb, who had joined an Alliance against Zakuul, recognized the necessity of having an expert in archaeology and Force-powered technology, which was used extensively by the Eternal Empire; thus, he requested that the Outlander, the leader of the Alliance, travel to Yavin to recruit Talos for the cause. After he and the Outlander were able to collect a number of ancient artifacts connected to the temple, Talos agreed to travel with the Outlander to Odessen and join the Alliance.[5]

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Talos Drellik is voiced by Edward Hibbert.

With high approval, Talos will eventually swear a traditional oath of loyalty to the Inquisitor, citing evidence of similar oaths from the Old Sith Empire.

If the Outlander is an Inquisitor and has high approval with Talos, the archaeologist will express delight that his master is still alive. The Dark Lord then has the option of simply ordering Talos to return with them to Odessen rather than go through the quest.



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