The Talus Imperial Outpost, also known as the Imperial Military Outpost, was a major installation of the Galactic Empire on the Twin World of Talus. From above, the Talus Imperial Outpost resembled the Imperial crest.[1]


During the Galactic Civil War, the populations of the planets of the Corellian sector were sympathetic towards the cause of the Rebel Alliance. The Empire has therefore placed well maintained fortified garrisons on these worlds, including the Imperial Outpost on Talus, in order to repress any uprising before it could take place.[1]

Imperial personnel stationed at the outpost after the Battle of Yavin included Ceth Laike, Gravin Attal, Hakasha Sireen, Lethin Bludder, Officer Edgar, Prisk Kith'Vys, Staff Sergeant Rothax, and Xalox Guul.[2]



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