"The Talus base has been a failure until now. I will see that an attack on Corellia is a complete success."
Darth Vader[src]

This secret rebel base was established by the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the planet Talus. It was long rumored to be just a reconnaissance post, the Imperials eventually have learned the base acted as a launching point for Rebel sabotage efforts in the Corellian system and was harboring one of the last known Jedi Knights, Rachi Sitra. A direct order from Emperor Palpatine himself was given to destroy the outpost. During the Battle of Talus the Rebels initially managed to thwart the under-prepared Imperial assault. However, the Rebels realized that they could not properly defend the base and organized the evacuation of all personnel. When on the next day the Empire attacked again, with a larger force, they found that the last evacuation transports were already leaving the base. Several of them were shot down, but most of their passengers managed to escape anyway. Though the base was destroyed by the Empire, only a handful of Rebel Jedi were apprehended or killed during the assault.

Behind the scenes

The defense of this base is the key event in both Light Side and Dark Side scenario campaigns of Squadrons Over Corellia, the second expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.