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"We are Talz, and all Talz are one. Talz remind ourselves of this always. Our language is not your concern."

Talz was the native language of the Talz species from Alzoc III. It was mainly formed by buzzes and chirps, with variable pitch being an essential feature.[1]

The Talz throat and proboscis structure made them unable to speak most languages of the galaxy except for their own. Most Talz were not fluent in Basic and had no understanding of it. As Talz language was not very well-known outside Alzoc III, protocol droids were usually not fluent in that language, although they could easily be programmed to translate it.[1]


  • P'zil - home[2]
  • Snoigit - an expletive
  • Ka - we
  • Pooka - have
  • Ping - returned
  • Cheekee - promised
  • Ba - as
  • Wa - war
  • Kee - it
  • Chee - is
  • Muhzmarcha - peace
  • Lokip - War

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Talz tales

Caldera Righim speaking Talzzi in the non-canon story "The Emperor's Court".


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