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"Truly, there is nothing sweeter than poetic justice!"
―Tam Posla[11]

Tam Posla was a Milvaynian human male from the planet Milvayne. Formally representing the Milvayne Authority, he became Milvayne's most celebrated lawman. At some point, he investigated a rash of crimes committed by Doctor Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba. Though taken off the case by his superior officer, Posla voyaged well beyond his jurisdiction and, determined to bring the criminals to justice, he became a bounty hunter.

Posla was unable to catch the culprits on Jedha and took jobs to pay for his hunt for them. He joined a crew of mercenaries led by Chelli Aphra and they endured a search for the memories of her superior, 0-0-0. During the search, they captured rebel General Hera Syndulla and used her as bait to get into the R&D headquarters of the Tarkin Initiative, Hivebase-1. Their mission was successful but Aphra betrayed Posla in order to get her love interest off a rebel ship.

Posla swore revenge on Aphra and continued his hunt for Evazan. While searching for his nemesis, Aphra contacted Posla and revealed Evazan at knife point to convince him into rescuing her from Accresker Jail. He traveled to the prison with a shuttle to trade for Evazan. When he arrived he inspected the man, who was frozen in ice and took him away. After being freed from the ice, though, Evazan tricked Posla into believing he was actually a shape-shifter named Lopset Yas, causing the vigilante to return to Accresker to arrest Aphra. As he confronted her, he was mauled to death by 0-0-0.

Following Posla's death, Yas captured Aphra and 0-0-0 and took them away on Posla's ship. The Jail was destroyed in an explosion and he was presumed dead. Posla's body, however, was left relatively intact floating in space. The Force energy located in some Gundravian hookspores of the jail's wreckage allowed them to locate Posla and revived him. Polsa tracked Aphra and 0-0-0 to Milvayne, where he confronted the two in a hostile showdown. The confrontation was cut short when the trandoshan hunter Nokk impaled him through the chest.

The spirit of the Jedi then resurrected him a further time. He later brought the full force of Milvayne's security upon Aphra and 0-0-0 as they were making their escape. Unfortunately, they evaded his punishment again and when he pursued them a final time, 0-0-0 set fire to him and he burned away.


Early life[]

"We know who you are, Posla. Milvayne's most celebrated lawman--gone rogue when the Imperials wouldn't let you do your job…"
―Bini recalls Tam Posla's past[12]

Hailing from the planet Milvayne, Tam Posla became a respected lawman in the Milvayne Authority, the local law enforcement agency,[1] becoming the most celebrated among its ranks.[12] During his life, he gained cybernetic upgrades thanks to his personal cyberneticist, Rajam Nuss.[1] During 10 BBY,[13] Posla visited The Lodge[14] on the cold mountainous planet[15] Vandor. There, he spectated a game of Sabacc between the famed smuggler Lando Calrissian and several others, standing behind the player Argus Panox. During the game, a human named Han Solo entered the room and took a seat next to Panox, near to Posla. Solo joined the game and began besting Calrissian and the other players, until Calrissian secretly cheated by slipping a card out of his sleeve to form a winning hand.[14]

Pursuing Doctor Evazan[]

"We missed him by seconds. We had to evac when the Imperials used some hellish new device to destroy the city…"
―Posla, recounting the events on Jedha[9]

By 0 BBY,[16] Posla worked on a case involving a series of crimes on Milvayne including kidnapping, forced servitude, and surgical alteration, all thought to have been carried out by a pair of visitors to the world using the aliases "Roofoo" and "Sawkee;" in reality the criminals Doctor Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba.[7] Posla began calling Evazan the Mutilator of Milvayne for the doctor's vile actions.[17] Posla was taken off the case by his superior officer, but he soon learned of a similar string of crimes taking place in the streets of Jedha City on the moon Jedha, where Evazan was cybernetically enhancing victims of a local insurgency and selling them into unwilling servitude. The cyberslaves were known as the decraniated.[7]

Determined to bring justice to the Evazan and Baba, Posla traveled well outside his jurisdiction to pursue them,[7] defying orders.[18] As a result, his superior officer, being given no other choice,[6] took his badge taken from him, claiming his hunt had no sanction,[9] and Posla was discharged dishonorably from the Milvayne Authority for "absentia."[18] Despite losing his job and home,[6] he was too attached to the case to give up on it[9] and became a bounty hunter in order to track the duo down on Jedha.[7] When at Jedha City, he briefly stood at the side of a street by Tythoni Square, making way for a patrol from the Galactic Empire's forces on Jedha, comprising of stormtroopers and a[19] TX-225a Occupier Tank.[7] That was when members of the local insurgency, the Partisans, attacked the patrol, leading to a battle between both sides.[19]

In his search for Evazan,[6] who was making his way off-world[20] at that time,[21] Posla was unable to find any decraniated with the ability to speak to him on his target until he met[6] the prototype Caysin Bog,[9] who had also been making way for the Imperial patrol when it was attacked. Meanwhile, the Empire's new project, the Death Star, loomed over Jedha City.[21] Having missed his opportunity to catch Evazan by seconds, Posla was forced to evacuate the city with Bog to evade the Death Star's wrath,[9] which destroyed Jedha City just hours later.[6]

Working for Aphra[]

The new crew[]

"Tam Posla. A former Milvayne cop. Threw down the lawbook to go chase an unhinged psycho. Now well on his way to becoming one. Doing merc work to fund the hunt."
―Doctor Chelli Aphra, on Posla[10]

Posla and Bog joined a team of mercenaries led by Chelli Aphra

After escaping Jedha, Posla teamed with Bog to continue hunting Evazan and Baba, and the pair fell in love. Wishing to fund their vendetta, they sought out mercenary work through Bog's connections and found themselves hired by the assassin droid 0-0-0, the leader of the Son-tuul Pride syndicate, into joined a crew of mercenaries[6] around 3 ABY.[22] 0-0-0 kept himself anonymous from the majority of the mercenaries, including Posla and Bog, and placed them under the leadership of the rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra. Other members of the crew included the cyborg Rexa Go, the swordsman known as the Violet Ghost, the Skakoan guide Hallio Bas, the modified Droideka Dek-Nil, the Xexto assassin Sister Six, and the Defel Glahst Ombra.[10]

The mercenaries gathered aboard a LAAT/le patrol gunship docked at a spaceport on the[10] planet[23] Son-tuul, where Go eventually brought Aphra to meet her new crew. Using an aug scanner, Aphra inspected the backgrounds of Posla and the rest of her crew, commenting on each of them. The crew leader then prepared to leave Son-tuul, but not before leaving behind one of the mercenaries under 0-0-0's request, choosing to let the Violet Ghost fight inspecting Imperial forces as the rest of the crew departed the spaceport.[10]

Hallio Bas's betrayal[]

"It's a stormtrooper, idiot! An actual space-baddie! Killing them is objectively funny!"
"He's a cog in a machine. He's broken no law."
―Sister Six, to Caysin Bog, and Tam Posla, on stopping a fleeing stormtrooper[24]

Posla and Bog on Skako Minor

The crew landed on the planet Skako Minor to investigate the workshop of the famed[10] Skakoan Techno Union foreman[25] Wat Tambor. Bas led the group through a fungal forest towards the workshop, telling his colleagues about Tambor and praising the Techno Union. Listening to Bas's praising, Posla and Bog exchanged snide remarks about Tambor and the Union, Posla calling him a unrepentant villain. As the group continued following Bas, they soon found themselves surrounded by Imperial troops, Bas revealing himself as a traitor. The lead Imperial officer wished to execute the mercenaries Bas had fooled, but Aphra played a trick on them, handing over her modified pet Tooka Flufto to Bas. That was when she stated a codephrase, detonating her Tooka. Bas and the Imperials were swiftly killed by the explosion[10]

Following the explosion, Aphra opened Go's crate, which some of the other mercenaries assumed carried booze. However it carried sixty more shrink frozen Tookas, one of which Aphra took out to replace the one she had detonated. A stormtrooper who had survived the explosion then ran past Posla and Bog, making for the forest. Go ordered for the trooper to be stopped, but Posla and Bog refused, seeing no point in killing an "cog in a machine" who had broken no law. Ombra, though, amushed the Imperial soldier at the treeline, killing her prey.[24]

More traps[]

"Shouldn't we at least try to save that doctor lady?"
"Why? She's a criminal. It's off-mission. That monster's broken no law"
―Sister Six and Posla, on help Aphra[24]

The group entered Wat Tambor's workshop and found a room full of deactivated machines and artefacts. As they began searching the place, Aphra gave praise to the machinery around the room, Posla questioned whether there was extra pay for having a maniac in charge of their team. The rogue archaeologist stopped Bog from touching a techno-totem she feared was a booby trap, mistakenly calling him Posla. The crew's search was soon disrupted by an Imperial Delta-class T-3c shuttle which broke through the workshop's roof and landed in the middle landed with a squad of stormtroopers led by Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan.[24]

The mercenary crew took cover behind a wall as the stormtroopers opened fire on them. The stormtroopers open fired on Aphra's crew and the mercenaries took cover. In addition, the Imperial shuttle had landed on the techno-totem, which awoke a large cyborg creature in the workshop, the Chthonic worm god. The beast attacked both sides, killing several stormtroopers in the process and forcing Posla and Bog to remain hiding behind cover. Aphra wanted Bog to use his bayonet to stab at it, but Posla stopped him as their contract for the mission did not require such action. The rogue archaeologist and Go made attacks on the cyborg creature, and Six suggested helping Aphra as she was pinned down. Posla refused, calling her a criminal and insisting that the word god had broken no law.[24]

Six then pointed out to Posla that the worm god had left Bog lying lifeless behind them. Angered, Posla revealed his cybernetic weapons and unleashed a barrage of rockets onto the beast. Bog awoke in the meantime, having temporarily winded from the worm gods attacks. Relieved, Posla sat behind cover again, apologizing for his aggression. Six called him and the rest of the mercenaries mad, while Posla and Bog returned to cover and embraced. Shortly after, the worm god was killed by a rocket blast from a stormtrooper, Aphra reappeared to her crew and advised them to continue looting.[24]

Finishing on Skako[]

"Bound to be more Imps on the way, folks. Let's ditch."
"Wait, where's the big cyborg g--"
"I said let's ditch."
―Aphra and Posla[24]

The mercenaries proceeded to loot the workshop more, being briefly interrupted by a blaster shot. Aphra pushed her comrades to return to their looting, hiding the fact that she had just killed Rexa Go to rescue Tolvan, whom she had exchanged a kiss with during the fighting. After she finished extracting data from a terminal, the rogue archaeologists had the crew begin to leave. Posla questioned where Go was, but Aphra overrode his query.[24]

The mercenaries made their way out of Wat Tambor's workshop and back to their patrol ship. The crew found Ombra, who had decided to flees the workshop during the fighting there, returning to them at the ship, although it was secretly Tolvan wearing Ombra's hide after killing the Defel. Once the ship took off, Aphra analyzed her extracted data and learned that the information she sought was found in the Imperial Tarkin Initiative archive facility Hivebase-1. The rogue archaeologist returned to her crew, sarcastically asking them if they wanted to do something sane.[24]

Negotiations gone wrong[]

"Why did you come?"
"We have a proposal, ma'am. Mutual benefit."
"[to her troops] They're mercs. In the brig. Now."
―Hera Syndulla and Posla[12]

As part of Aphra's plan to infiltrate Hivebase-1, her crew, Posla included, located the Rebel Alliance Lucrehulk-class Battleship Lucrehulk Prime, which served as a training school for rebel pilots. After getting aboard the Lucrehulk, the fake Ombra slipped away from the mercenaries and using an aura ability which allowed Defel's to disappear. The Alliance officer Bini, believing that the crew was enlisting for the Alliance, greeted the crew at the Lucrehulk Prime's bridge, asking how they had found the flight school. While Aphra gave a sarcastic explanation, Posla insisted that he spoke for the team, explaining that the crew had heard rumors of the flight school and wanted to see it for themselves, with Six and Aphra adding details on how they located it.[12]

Bini recognized Posla, acknowledging the bounty hunter's past as a Milvayne lawman and begun giving details of recruitment intp the Alliance, much to Posla's confusion as he did not intend to enlist. Aphra pushed him to say yes to Bini as the officer shook Posla's hand. Bini then took the crew on a tour to the Lucrehulk Prime's control core, telling Posla and his colleagues about the core's function. Aphra's newest clone of Flufto then ran into the core, Aphra making chase.[12]

Hera Syndulla, the rotation general aboard the flight school, shot the Tooka, and approached her new visitors. Bini introduced Posla and the rest of the crew to the general, calling them volunteers. Posla then finally denied to the rebels that they were enlisting, and revealed that they had a proposal for "mutual benefit." Realizing that her visitors were mercenaries, Syndulla had Posla and the others arrested and placed in the Lucrehulk Prime's brig.[12]


"I can hear the villainess next door muttering. I bet she schemes in her sleep."
―Posla insults Aphra[12]

The mercenaries were locked in cells at the brig, Posla sharing one with Bog and Six while Aphra and Dek-Nil shared another next to them. After some time had passed, the fake Ombra reached Aphra's cell through the vents and revealed herself as Tolvan in disguise. Posla heard commotion from his cell and dismissed it as Aphra muttering and scheming, although Bog endeavoured to try and check what was going on. As the commotion in Aphra's cell continued, Tolvan was incapacitated and incidentally fired at the ray shield projectors, freeing the mercenaries. However, they chose to not escape and stayed at the cells, Aphra and Dek-Nil getting the unconscious Tolvan back into the vent.[12]

Syndulla met with Posla and the rest of the crew by their patrol ship in the hangar, giving them an opportunity to present their proposal. The bounty hunter and his colleagues claimed that they had a plan to get into Hivebase-1, the general becoming intrigued to know more. As Posla begun to explain, though, Aphra sprung her real plan: Bog ejected four blasters set to stun, and Six caught them and proceeded to shoot each rebel in the room. Posla had not known of the new plan, which involved escaping with the incapacitated Syndulla, and was outraged of it, as well as not being informed. Bog tried to reassure his lover, but the bounty hunter declared that he quit. Aphra then wished Posla luck with rebel reinforcements, stoking him to board the crew's ship instead of facing armed rebels.[12]

The crew's ship escaped from the Lucrehulk Prime, and Aphra asked her colleagues to borrow a holo-communicator. Posla gave her snide remarks, Bog interjecting to stop him making a threat. The bounty hunter claimed he had been made into a liar thanks to Aphra, but the rogue archaeologist assured him that what he had said to the rebels was technically the truth. Using a communicator lent by Bog, she contacted Hivebase-1 and proposed to trade Syndulla.[12]

Infiltrating Hivebase-1[]

"Posla. I need you to do that crazy explodo thing you do"
"Negative. These are innocent victims of experimentation. They've broken no law."
―Aphra and Posla[9]

Posla tells the story of his hunt for Evazan and how he met Bog

Although the officer did not yet confirm their compliance with the trade the group still traveled for Hivebase-1. On the way, Aphra repaired Bog's diagnostics, which had been damaged from their encounter with the worm god on Skako Minor. To Bog's ignorance, however, Aphra was actually installing orders into Bog's brain to advance on danger in case Posla refused to fight again. Whilst tinkering with Bog's wiring, Aphra complemented Doctor Evazan's work on Bog. Posla scowled at her comment and explained the story of why he hated Evazan, recounting how he met Bog in the process.[9]

When the group arrived at Hivebase-1, the Imperial officer confirmed their trade with Syndulla and gave them specific directions to enter their base over the comms. Aphra then revealed to Syndulla that her tracker—on her general plaque—had been reactivated. Subsequently, the flight school arrived in the system found itself overwhelmed by the scaraphyte swarm surrounding it. It caused the Hivebase-1 personnel to forget about Aphra's team and focus on the arriving rebels. During the chaos, Aphra sneaked their ship into one of Hivebase-1's hangers and they began moving towards Hivebase-1s datacore, where 0-0-0's memories were. They entered a room full of frozen prototypes, which had been rejected before they had a chance to be mass produced, and as they searched around, Aphra got news that the bridge of the rebel flight school had been commandeered by Magna Tolvan. She got onto the comm channel to convince her not to mess their plan up. Tolvan spared the flight school but in doing so, she revealed to the Imperials that Aphra and the others were roaming around in Hivebase-1.[9]

Double crossed[]

Posla watches his partner walk to his death

Posla and the others soon realized that the rejected prototypes were being unfrozen. The forgotten projects open fired at them, disabling Dek-Nil, and they took cover behind crates. Aphra demanded that Posla use his cybernetic weapons to help them but he refused, once again saying that the enemy had done nothing wrong. Aphra begged him to change his mind but his morals kept him from doing so. That's when Aphra ordered them back to their ship and she activated the commands she had put into Bog. This made the cyborg advance towards to prototypes, being gunned down in the process. Both shocked and furious, Posla revealed the entirety of his weapons from under his armor and open fired on the prototypes. With the prototypes at bay, Aphra, Syndulla and Sister Six left Posla to face the swarm of rejects alone.[9]

Posla survived the fight and returned to the others at the datacore of Hivebase-1. He was now very traumatised from seeing his soulmate gunned down and rested at a terminal.[9] However, they were eventually found and attacked by Commander Yewl and his troops and Posla remained at rest by the terminal. That's when Aphra put the final part of her plan into motion: She had bugged the control core of the flight school during their visit there to capture Hera. Therefore she used Rexa's old headset to control the ship and the flight school cling onto Hivebase-1 and have it's X-wings rip the datacore out with their tow cables. Meanwhile, the rest of the shrink frozen Tooka's escaped Aphra's crate and began roaming Hivebase-1. One of the officers in the Hivebase control room then noticed that the base's firing registry had been altered and recited the new name for it, the name being the code phrase to detonate the Tookas. This set off the entirety of the Tooka's and destroyed the complex.[8]

Posla, Aphra, Sister Six and Syndulla made made it safely on board the flight school, where Hera pardoned them for what they did. Tolvan, though, was still hiding in the flight school's air vents and Aphra told Posla to save her while she talked to Syndulla. Tolvan attacked Posla upon him finding her and she took his armor as a disguise to get off the flight school. Tolvan then revealed Posla's location to the rebels as they left and the rebel soldiers were surprised to see it was Posla in the vents and not Tolvan. Tolvan and Aphra went their separate ways but Tolvan soon traveled to Son-tuul with Imperial forces and captured Aphra, imprisoning her in Accresker Jail.[8]

Resumed hunt[]

Unfruitful search[]

"I know he escaped Jedha. I know he was in a scuffle on Tatooine. I know he infiltrated a biofarm on Thannt. But the trail's been cold a month. His ego's never kept him off-grid this long. I conclude he's either dead--or incarcerated."
―Posla, on Evazan's whereabouts[17]

Posla consulting evidence regarding Doctor Evazan's location

After the betrayal, Posla suspected Aphra to be responsible for Bog's death and swore to slowly cut her heart out when he found her again. But until then, Posla resumed his long halted search for Cornelius Evazan. He bought a ship from 0-0-0 on Son-tuul, in which he adopted as his new base of operations. Little did Posla know that 0-0-0 had bugged the ship's systems to listen into him. During his investigations, Posla found out about the Evazan's scuffle on Tatooine and how his subordinate, Ponda Baba, had lost his arm. Posla managed to obtain the arm of the Aqualish thug and put it into a jar. He also learned of Evazan's infiltration of a biofarm on Thannt.[17]

Evazan's trail, however, came to a halt, and after a month Posla had ended up killing five informants for information purposes. On the four-hundred and twentieth day of the hunt, he kicked a sixth informant to death, for lying about Evazan's whereabouts. Posla knew that Evazan's ego never kept him off the grid for this long and had to assume that the man was either dead of imprisoned. So he began scanning Imperial custodial facilities in the hopes of finding him.[17]

On the four-hundred and twenty-first day of the hunt, he was floating around in deep space aboard his ship and he updated his log, explaining his recent findings and general knowledge on Evazan, he stated that he would adopt a less hands on strategy temporarily to reduce the deaths of his informants. Later that day, Posla was listening to a transmission from Hera Syndulla to the rebel ship Volt Cobra, which had been shot down. He noticed a reference to Aphra and logged it, hoping to chase up on Aphra after taking care of Evazan. At that time, 0-0-0 was listening in[17] from a touring ship he had hijacked[26] and, as he was very keen on finding Aphra, he began repeating Posla's statement on her reference.[17]

Aphra's trade[]

"You are on my list malefactress. I am seeking my nemesis, Cornelius Evazan, but rest assured I will bring you to justice in due c--"
"No. You'll come now. You will agree to my terms and come now. [Reveals a fake Evazan] I have something you want."
"E-Evazan. The Mutilator of Milvayne…Damn you, woman. It's a deal."
―Posla and Aphra[26]

Without warning, Posla was contacted by an unidentified broadcaster. When he told them to state their name and reason of contact, the individual revealed herself as Aphra. She demanded for him rescue her, but he told her his priority was only Evazan. However, Aphra then showed him Evazan at knife point. Unable to resist bringing justice to the man, Posla accepted her deal. Aphra told Posla her location, being Accresker Jail, and left the comm channel. 0-0-0, who was still spying through the systems Posla's ship, also made haste for the prison in order to pursue Aphra.[26]

The gundravian hookspores are frozen as they attempt to possess Posla

Posla traveled to Accresker Jail with an escape shuttle trade with Aphra for Evazan. The prison at hand was decommissioned and on a crash course towards the planet Tiferep Major as an example for its rebellious population.[26] Posla found Accresker's prison-tug crashed into the prison and he flew into the hanger of the wrecked cruiser. There, Aphra awaited him with Evazan frozen in a cube of ice, and Magna Tolvan, who had attempted to rescue her before but had failed. Posla inspected the frozen Evazan and confirmed him to be alive. He then grappled the ice chunk with his clamps, and asked Aphra if she really had helped kill Caysin Bog. Aphra asked him if it changed the things she did and he assured her that if she had killed Bog, he would pursue her punishment. As he spoke to Aphra, some gundravian hookspores, which had become aware his presence, approached him from behind. As it approached, however, Tolvan activated the coolant grille which froze it and saved Posla. He then took the ice chunk, containing Evazan, away and left.[27]


"I, Tam Posla, do hereby arrest you on the authority of the Milvayne Judiciary, in the name of all that is good. You heartless, lying, cheating, partner-killing, fake-prisoner-trading scum."
―Posla attempts to arrest Aphra[11]

As he departed Accresker Jail, Posla aspired to return to Milvayne and make the most of his accomplishment. He then looked back at the frozen Evazan and, having doubts about it being the man, decided to divert his ships power to the heating array, so that the ice chunk melted.[27] He was furious to see that Evazan was actually a shapeshifter named "Lopset Yas". Enraged about being lied to, Posla turned back towards Accresker Jail to deal with Aphra.[11]

0-0-0 murders Posla in front of "Lopset Yas" and Aphra

Aphra was once again stranded on the wreckage-prison due to 0-0-0 arriving and shooting down the shuttle Posla gave her.[27] Posla took Yas with him to find Aphra and Yas used the head of Dek-Nil, which had been strapped onto his back prior to Posla obtaining him, to track down her. They soon found her watching a live holovid of Darth Vader interrogating Tolvan. Yas stepped in first, confusing Aphra as to why he had returned. Posla then stepped out and pointed his blaster at her. Aphra tried to confront him with an ancient lightsaber, but it deactivated due to its age. Posla prepared to arrest her when 0-0-0 attacked him from behind. 0-0-0's element of surprised caught Posla off guard and the assassin droid knocked him down and mauled him to death.[11]

As 0-0-0 finished killing Posla, Yas ran away, leaving Aphra to be captured by the droid. 0-0-0 dragged her towards his ship, only to find it wrecked by Darth Vader. Yas then reappeared and shot the assassin droid. Aphra assumed he was saving her but he then stunned her and took her and 0-0-0 onto Posla's ship to escape. When Aphra awoke, Yas revealed himself to be Cornelius Evazan wearing a pluripleq—a bio-engineered shape-shifting animal—to disguise himself.[11]


Revival and return[]

"Y-you're dead. H-how are you here? I saw you die…"
"Justice is the Force and the Force is justice. Neither may truly perish."
―Chelli Aphra and Tam Posla[3]

The Force energy possesses Posla's corpse

With Posla's body on board, Accresker Jail crashed into Tiferep Major and exploded.[11] However, Posla's body was left relatively intact, and remained floating in space within the wreckage. While the hookspores had been defeated, the Force energy within them had not, and it located Posla, surrounding his corpse and possessing it.[1] The Force revived Posla, as well as making him Force-sensitive. He then found and rebuilt 0-0-0's fallen comrade, the assassin droid BT-1,[3] and controlled him with a restraining bolt.[28] Wanting to bring justice to Aphra, Posla then used BT-1 to locate his murderer 0-0-0's transponder signal in the hopes of finding her with him.[3]

0-0-0's transponder signal led Posla back to his homeworld, Milvayne. As Posla searched for his enemy, he found Aphra and 0-0-0 riding on a qaberworm through Milvayne's underworld with the scavenger Vulaada Klam. Posla attacked them, shooting at the qaberworm and causing an explosion. Aphra and 0-0-0 were knocked off and Posla used the Force to pull her blaster out of her hands. He then ordered BT-1 to kill the pair[3] and the droid open fired on them, despite 0-0-0's attempts to convince him otherwise. As they tried to run away, Posla used the Force to pull them back, but was taken by surprise when he was impaled through the chest by the Trandoshan hunter Nokk, whom was also hunting Aphra. Whilst Posla knelt lifeless on the ground, Nokk and her husband confronted Aphra, but were attacked by BT-1, who they shot at with an Ion-net.[28]

Pursuit on Milvayne[]

"Let them be shot with blasters until profoundly dead then flung into vapors of the underworld without memorial."
―Posla sentences Aphra and 0-0-0 to death[18]

Posla and the Milvayne Authority confront Aphra and 0-0-0

After both parties were gone, the gundravian hookspores revived Posla a second time and he found that BT-1 had been taken away by Winloss and Nokk. As well as this, a broadcast from 0-0-0's eyes had reached the residents of Milvayne and credits had been offered for information on them. Through his helmet, Posla them listened in on transmissions being sent to the Milvayne Authority with supposed information on Aphra and 0-0-0. One transmission, sent by Vulaada Klam, who had survived Posla's attack, caught his, as she offered to help the Authority find the fugitives. Posla subsequently joined them as they went to confront Aphra and 0-0-0, who were traveling through the underworld on a bloatbarge. He warned them not to resist and Klam revealed her involvement to the two fugitives, incapacitating them for Posla and the Milvayne Authority.[28]

Posla and the Authority tied Aphra and 0-0-0 together and put them on trial at a ledge leading down to the underworld from Milvayne City's upper levels. As the arresting officer, Posla was allowed to choose their punishment. He ordered them to be shot until "profoundly dead" and thrown into the underworld. Aphra argued to the other cops that Posla was infected by a fungus and was not properly alive, but 0-0-0 added that it was not illegal on Milvayne. She then realized that Posla was not officially an officer in the Milvayne Authority anymore. Aphra told this to the officer in charge of this and told him to check Posla's warrant number. When another officer confirmed it, Posla dismissed the detail as "foolish," but Aphra continued, threatening the Milvayne Authority with embarrassment if the citizens witness them following orders from a discharged officer. Subsequently they aimed their guns at Posla, and in a fit of rage, he revealed his cybernetic weapons in defense and began firing on the officers. While Posla picked off his new foes, Aphra and 0-0-0 ran away.[18]

Posla later found Aphra and 0-0-0 at the cybersurgery of professor Prexo, where they were fending off stormtroopers and Milvayne authority officers alongside BT-1 and Vulaada Klam. Mobilizing his weapons, he told the stormtroopers to "stand aside", only to be taken surprise when 0-0-0 attacked him from behind and set him on fire. Posla fired at Klam with his pistol, but Aphra jumped in the way and was hit in the chest, much to the anger of the billions watching through the broadcast from 0-0-0's eyes. Within moments, an mob arose in response and attacked the Empire and the Milvayne authority. Posla burned away as they passed him.[29]

Personality and traits[]

"Tam Posla's one of those "time consuming and expensive trial first, shoot later" kinda guys. He's the most honorable idiot I've ever met."
―Chelli Aphra, on Posla[27]

Tam Posla was a Milvaynian[6] human[5] male with light skin.[8] He fell in love with one of Cornelius Evazan's victims, Caysin Bog.[9] He was very devoted to his partner, and furiously unleashed a torrent of blasterfire and projectiles upon the Chthonic worm god when he believed it to have killed Bog. However, when Bog got up and explained that he had been 'just a bit winded', Posla rapidly settled down and calmly admitted that he was rather petulant, with Sister Six simply looking at him, amazed at his firepower.[24] Later, when Bog was actually killed, Posla unveiled even more weaponry and took it out on the swarm of rejected prototypes that had killed his soulmate and it left him traumatized after. Posla became very deviant following Bog's death and it led him to slashing his left forearm during his hunt for Evazan.[17]

Posla and Bog refused to kill anyone who had not broken any law

Posla was a very determined and dedicated lawman,[9] loving the job he had[6] and also having received an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate.[7] He chased Doctor Evazan to the point where his superior officer took his badge. By that time, Posla was already too attached to the case and continued to chase Evazan. He also cared very much for the rights of individuals.[9] He refused to kill anything that had either not broken the law or wasn't required to kill on his contract. When a stormtrooper was getting away on Skako Minor, Posla let the soldier go as they were only following orders from their superiors. Posla also refused to help Chelli Aphra when they were under attack from the Chthonic worm god as it wasn't part of his contract to do so. Although Posla made exceptions when harm came to his Bog, and when the worm god attacked the cyborg, Posla attacked the beast with his cybernetic rocket launchers.[24] Aphra took advantage of Posla's love for him and programmed Bog to advance towards danger at the press of a button. Aphra used this to turn Posla against the army of rejected projects in Hivebase-1, resulting in Bog's untimely death.[9]

Although it was uncommon for him to use violence, Posla ended up being brutal to anyone who did him wrong.[9] After Aphra betrayed Posla,[8] suspected her involvement in Bog's death and swore to cut her heart out slowly when he found her again. Until then he decided to continue his long craved hunt for Evazan, whom he now hated more than anyone in the galaxy. During the hunt, his madness for finding Evazan led him to killing six informants, kicking the sixth to death for lying to him. After killing the sixth informant, Posla realized that it may not have been the best choice and decided to adjust to a less hands on strategy.[17]

Hunting for Evazan had turned Posla from a respected lawman into an insane vigilante.[1] He hated Evazan to the point he put him above everything else, even when Aphra, who he swore to kill likewise, contacted him.[26] Posla intended to take Evazan back to Milvayne and put him on trial for what he had done.[27] However, Aphra knew of his madness for this and was able to trick Posla into delivering a shuttle to her using the changeling "Lopset Yas" to impersonate Evazan.[26] Even though Yas was actually Evazan all along, he still pretended to be the changeling and Posla was so angry about being lied to that he did not think to realize it was really him.[11]

Skills and abilities[]

Tam Posla was a skilled tracker, being able to pick up on every one of Evazan's doings for over a year.[17] Although he did not fight much, Posla was a hard man to beat, having taken on a swarm of dangerous projects.[9] He once killed an informant by kicking the individual until they died.[17] 0-0-0, however, was able to kill Posla after sneaking up on him and attacking him from behind.[11] After being possessed by the Force energies from the defeated gundravian hookspores,[1] Posla became Force-sensitive.[3]


Clothing and tools[]

Tam Posla wore Milvayne Authority uniform, which concealed many of his traits, including his height, gender and species, from the average observer. He covered his face with a black and white colored helmet marked with symbols denoting his status as an officer of the Milvayne Authority. The helmet was equipped with an two audio receivers on the lower sides which used an integrated audio system that was sensitive enough to pick up frequencies beyond the human hearing range and boost the sound around him to listen to conversations and detect approaching enemies. The helmet also had a rangefinder on an agriculated stalk which had a targeting package which allowed him to track individuals.[6]

Posla wore a brown padded energy-dissipating blast tunic on his upper body with armor plates fitted on the shoulders and elbows. He also donned gray pants and brown gloves. Posla had webbing over his right shoulder with a utility belt. Both of these accessories carried survival gear and ammunition but he had a portable scanner in an electromagnetic radiation proof pouch on his belt. Posla kept his Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate[6] in a patch pocket on his pants,[7] which he had with his at all times along with his bounty hunter credentials.[6]

Weapons and cybernetics[]

"You've got more firepower in one pinky than the rest of us put together!"
―Chelli Aphra, to Posla[9]

Posla fighting the rejected projects in Hivebase-1 using his cybernetics

While on Jedha he was armed with a black DL-17 blaster rifle modified with an extended magazine and equipped with a long strap.[7] He also carried a BlasTech Industries DH-17 blaster pistol which was also modified with an extended magazine, to counter a common problem with the weapon, and was set to full auto, meaning the pistol could burn through a standard clip in under twenty seconds.[6] Following the infiltration of Hivebase-1, Posla eventually purchased a ship from the protocol droid, to assist him in his hunt for Evazan.[17] When hunting Aphra and 0-0-0 on Milvayne, he utilized a large ordnance weapon and a jetpack.[1]

Tam Posla had a vast array of cybernetics throughout his body, which he had added to him by his personal cyberneticist Rajam Nuss.[1] His right eye had been replaced with a yellow robotic eye and the rear of his head was almost entirely robotic.[8] The many features could be hidden under Posla's armor with his helmet being able to split to reveal a large gun out the top of his head and a laser on the side. Posla also had a gun in his other knee and could semi-detach his hands to show two more guns with blades coming out of his knuckles. Furthermore, Posla had several more guns embedded in his torso and a twin gun attached to his right thigh. Mobilizing his cybernetic weaponry ended up extensively damaging Posla's clothing during his time at Hivebase-1.[9]

Behind the scenes[]


"Had the pleasure to play Tam Posla (matt alsop backwards) for a weeks shoot. Never made it past the directors cut, but was a fun experience."
―Matt Allsopp reveals his role as Tam Posla on Twitter[30]

Matt Allsopp as Tam Posla.

Tam Posla was portrayed by the[30] concept artist[31] Matt Allsopp[30] for Gareth Edwards' 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[21] Allsopp's first and last name backwards (Ttam and Pposlla) was used to form the name Tam Posla. Although the artist attended a weeks filming for Rogue One, the scenes including Posla did not make the director's cut according to Allsopp,[30] and footage of Posla was only shown in the initial teaser trailer.[32] Posla's name and backstory was provided by the Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, a complementary reference book for Rogue One written by Pablo Hidalgo[7] and released on December 16 2016,[33] the same day as the film.[34]

Posla's costume was designed by costume designer Glyn Dillon, who let Allsopp pick it before tweaking it to resemble a "mysterious bounty hunter."[35] Allsopp's initials 'MA' were imprinted on Posla's helmet, which Hidalgo explained canonically by creating the Milvayne Authority in Posla's entry in Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide.[36] The outfit was also used for one of the Partisans, who was seen in multiple scenes unmasked. In one such scene, the extra is both seen masked and then unmasked in two consecutive shots which implied they were two different individuals.[21]


Tam Posla's alternate depiction

In issues 16,[24] 17,[12] 18,[9] 19,[8] and 26[1] of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Posla's clothing and helmet is portrayed differently to how it is portrayed in the rest of his appearances—including his live action appearances—with his jerkin being patterned differently and his gray and white helmet being primarily white.[24] This article presents the portrayal of his clothing and armor from the latter mentioned appearances while still presenting images with his alternate depiction for story purposes.

In issues 16[24] and 18[9] of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Posla's cybernetics are shown to be different. In issue 16, his weapons comprise of missile launchers,[24] whereas in issues 18,[9] 29[18] and 31, they are shown to be built in guns.[29] This article presents information from the latter three issues.

Star Wars Helmet Collection 65 states that Posla's homeworld was Kamino and his species was Milvaynian.[6] Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, though, states that Posla's homeworld was Milvayne,[6] Doctor Aphra (2016) 26 backing this,[1] and also specifies that the lawman's species was human,[5] Doctor Aphra (2016) 19 seemingly showing this.[8] This article uses information from Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, and assumes that Milvaynian is actually Posla's denonym, providing that the lawman is from Milvayne.


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