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"I must remember to commend the droid on Son-tuul who sold me this vessel."
―Tam Posla[src]

Tam Posla owned a ship which, after purchasing it from the protocol droid 0-0-0 on Son-tuul, he used as a base of operations while on his hunt for Doctor Cornelius Evazan. Posla eventually took it to Accresker Jail to deliver a shuttle, attached to the ship's rear undercarriage, to trade Chelli Aphra for "Lopset Yas", who Posla thought was Evazan. Thinking he had been tricked, Posla returned to Accresker to arrest her, but was killed by 0-0-0. Unknown to both Posla and Aphra, "Yas" indeed was Evazan, who captured both Aphra and Triple-Zero. After Evazan planted his proximity bomb in 0-0-0, he abandoned them aboard Posla's ship. The two then traveled to Posla's homeworld Milvayne to have their proximity bombs removed by his personal cyberneticist, Rajam Nuss. The Milvayne Authority were quick to intercept them and they detonated the ship to distract them.


"Also—sidenote—the scanning equipment has already proved valuable."
―Tam Posla[src]

Tam Posla's ship had scanner equipment that proved very valuable to him. In its interior, it had a two-seated cockpit and a room with multiple holoprojectors and viewscreens, which Posla used to show logged evidence and photos.[3] A shuttle could be attached to the ships rear undercarriage for portability. Its systems included a heating array, which, at one point, Posla used to melt an ice chunk,[2] and a voice sensitive mission log that Posla used to log his experiences and findings. However, the ship's systems were bugged by the its former owner, 0-0-0, who used the bug to listen into Posla's findings in hopes of finding the archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra.[3]


Use by Tam PoslaEdit

"Ship--divert all power to the heating array."
―Posla gives orders to his ship[src]

The ship was formerly owned by the protocol droid 0-0-0, who bugged its systems before it was sold to the bounty hunter and former Milvayne lawman Tam Posla on Son-tuul. Posla used the ship as his base of operations to hunt down his arch-nemesis, Doctor Cornelius Evazan. Posla utilized its equipment to log his findings and scan for leads on Evazan's whereabouts. His investigations uncovered Evazan's infiltration of a biofarm on Thannt and when the man's trail went to a halt for over a month, Posla turned to searching through custodial facilities to find any possible trace of the fugitive surgeon.[3]

In this time, the ship was parked in deep space, and Posla used his time unsparingly to scan for more leads on Evazan. During his scanning, he picked up a transmission from rebel general Hera Syndulla to her operative, Sana Starros. Although Syndulla could not reach Starros personally, as her ship had crashed, Posla overheard her reference to Chelli Lona Aphra, who Posla suspected of killing his soulmate Caysin Bog. Posla logged this and complemented the ship's state-of-the-art scanning system, logging a reminder to commend 0-0-0 for selling him the ship. Meanwhile, 0-0-0 was listening through his bug in the ship's systems and could not keep his mind off the reference to Aphra that Posla had mentioned.[3]

Posla at Accresker

Posla's ship approaches Accresker Jail, carrying a shuttle attached to its rear undercarriage.

After Accresker Jail was decommissioned, Aphra contacted Posla, attempting to get him to rescue her from the prison. Despite refusing at first, Aphra tricked Posla into thinking she was holding Evazan hostage using what she thought was the shapeshifting powers of "Lopset Yas",[2] but was actually the true Evazan wearing a pluripleq.[5] Determined to capture Evazan, Posla reluctantly agreed to Aphra's demands. Learning that Aphra was at Accresker, Posla took his ship to the prison. Posla was unaware that 0-0-0 was listening to his communications with Aphra, and had also learned that she was aboard the prison. Posla's ship later arrived near Accresker Jail as it flew on a collision course with Tiferep Major,[1] carrying a shuttle to trade in return for Evazan.[2]

Posla's ship flew into the wreck of Accresker's prison-tug, and landed in the cruiser's hangar. Posla then climbed out to meet Aphra and receive the "fake" Evazan, who was frozen in a chunk of ice. As he began to take Evazan away, a swarm of gundravian hookspores attempted to possess Posla. Before they could, Aphra's companion Magna Tolvan froze it with the coolant grille that had frozen "Lopset Yas". Aphra then prompted Posla to leave while he could, and he returned to his ship with the ice chunk. After leaving the prison, Posla began to have doubts about the legitimacy of Aphra's trade and had the ship divert its power to the heating array so that the ice chunk holding Evazan would melt.[2]

Stolen by EvazanEdit

"But Posla's ship is still fine back here, so if you hurry we c—"
―"Lopset Yas", to 0-0-0[src]

Upon being released from the chunk of ice, Evazan pretended that he was "Yas" rather than himself, fooling Posla into thinking he had been tricked. Posla turned his ship around and landed back in Accresker Jail, leaving it to search for Aphra. Once he found her and declared that she was under arrest, he was mauled to death by 0-0-0, who captured Aphra himself. Evazan later reunited with Aphra, stunning Triple-Zero and freeing Aphra, who he then also stunned. He took them both aboard Posla's ship, escaping the jail before it collided with Tiferep Major.[5]

Posla and Evazan ship

Ponda Baba docks with Posla's ship

While both Aphra and Triple-Zero were incapacitated aboard Posla's ship, Evazan removed his proximity bomb and bonded it onto the assassin droid's personality core, linking it to Aphra's own implant. Aphra awoke, asking "Yas" what he had done. Evazan revealed his true identity, and as he spoke, Ponda Baba docked a ship with Posla's. Evazan departed Posla's ship to join his friend, leaving Aphra trapped with 0-0-0, who was beginning to reactivate.[5] Once the droid was awake, he began to attack her, but Aphra frantically explained their situation. Aboard Posla's ship, they found Milvayne credits and the details of Posla's cyberneticist, Rajam Nuss. They took the ship to Milvayne, where they abandoned it. While being pursued by the Milvayne Authority, Triple-Zero remotely destroyed the ship, distracting the police officers.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tam Posla's ship first appeared in Doctor Aphra 22: The Catastrophe Con, Part III, written by Si Spurrier and illustrated by Kev Walker.[3]


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