«Jedi! This is Gorgol, chief mechanic of this station. Hopefully you realize the futility of combat in my home. I suggest you surrender... or leave!»

The Tambor Deep Space Centre, or simply Tambor Station, was a mobile shipyard created by the Geonosians who used it as a workship for repairing starships.


During the Clone Wars, it was used as a method of maintaining the vast fleets of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was run by the Geonosian mechanic known as Gorgol the Handy. In order to stem this advantage of General Grievous, the Galactic Republic dispatched Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi along with a clone trooper task force to destroy the deep space center. The Republic strike team managed to board the station, but were ambushed by battle droids. Gorgol the Handy had sealed himself inside a security bunker. The Republic frontal assault of the security bunker using All Terrain Recon Transport was repulsed with the defense turrets. In order to lure Gorgol out, Republic forces simulated a retreat, leaving behind a sole sniper. After receiving confirmation of Republic's departure from his battle droid scouts, Gorgol left his bunker, only to be confronted by the two Jedi Masters. When he prepared to activate defense turrets once again, a sniper shot destroyed his remote detonator, allowing the Jedi to take the Geonosian into custody and secure the station.



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