"I can tell you're from Dathomir. Your people aren't exactly known for their sense of humor."
―Jacen Solo, noting the look of disapproval on Tamith Kai's face after he told his sister a joke[src]

Tamith Kai was a female Human Nightsister from the Great Canyon Clan on the planet Dathomir. She was Brakiss's assistant instructor at the Shadow Academy.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When the Great Canyon Clan on Dathomir allied with Brakiss's Shadow Academy, Tamith Kai volunteered herself to be Brakiss's liaison and eventually became the Shadow Academy's assistant instuctor. She was responsible for recruiting, combat training and discipline.

Tamith Kai trained her students and bided her time until the order was given in 23 ABY to start taking more students by force. She spearheaded the raid on GemDiver Station and engineered the kidnapping the Jedi trainees Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. She and Brakiss split the new recruits among themselves.

After Lowbacca and Jaina disrupted one of Brakiss's lectures, Brakiss decided that the training of the new recruits would be split between himself and Tamith Kai. She would train Lowbacca, who had demonstrated that he was quick to anger when Brakiss punished Jaina for her insubordination. Tamith Kai planned to use the young Wookiee's short temper to lure him to the dark side, resorting to torture. When Lowbacca gave in to his anger, smashing a sonic generator beyond repair, Tamith Kai rewarded him by giving a reprogrammed Em Teedee back to him. The little translator droid's increased level of capacity for annoyance and newfound loyalty to the Second Imperium had the opposite of the intended effect on Lowbacca, however.

Tamith Kai wielding a lightsaber.

Brakiss and Tamith Kai's efforts were in vain, as the plot was foiled by Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka. As the twins and Lowbacca made their escape, Tamith Kai confronted Tenel Ka, promising to turn her to the dark side after killing the young warrior girl's friends. Tenel Ka responded by wounding Tamith Kai's knee. This confrontation created a strong sense animosity between the two Dathomiri.

In the wake of that debacle, Brakiss decided that capturing such high profile candidates would only lead to unwanted attention. The Shadow Academy would instead rely on the disadvantaged youths of Coruscant and other worlds to fill the ranks of the Second Imperium. If they were Force-sensitive, then they could be trained as Dark Jedi and if not, they could still be useful as stormtroopers or TIE pilots.

Along with Garowyn, Tamith Kai took her new apprentice, Vilas, down to the undercity of Coruscant to do their work. More often than not, they used the Force to simply convince their quarry to go with them, but some like Zekk proved more of a trouble and thus needed to be stunned before being taken to the Shadow Academy. However, he didn't cause any more trouble once he was aboard the space station.

Tamith Kai took a disliking to Zekk, mainly because he became more proficient in the dark side than her own apprentice Vilas. After Zekk had slain Vilas in a contest to determine who was to be the Shadow Academy's Darkest Knight, Tamith Kai became outright hostile towards Zekk. Later, when Brakiss paired them up for a raid on Kashyyyk, Tamith Kai expressed her distrust of the Darkest Knight, not thinking that he was loyal enough. When she found out that Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka and Lowbacca were on Kashyyyk, she tried to make Zekk prove his loyalty. She reasoned that if he was loyal, Zekk would kill his former friends without a doubt in his mind. When he failed to do so, her distrust of him went even deeper.

Shortly thereafter, both Zekk and Tamith Kai were selected to lead the assault on the Jedi Praxeum. While Zekk chose to lead the Dark Jedi forces on ground, Tamith Kai chose to lead from a floating platform. After a duel with Tenel Ka, the floating platform she was on was sabotaged by the warrior girl. The platform then crashed into a river, killing Tamith Kai.

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