Tammuz-an navy1

Tammuz-an capital ships and fighters move to engage Demolisher during the Battle of Tammuz-an.

The Tammuz-an space navy was a small armada governed by King Mon Julpa of the planet Tammuz-an.


The Tammuz-an fleet comprised several squadrons of R-22 Spearheads,[1] H-60 Tempest bombers and several frigate-scale capital ships, representing the first and last lines of defense for the entire sector.


The navy was responsible for protecting both Tammuz-an space, as well as the Tammuz-an shipping fleet. Some time prior to the Battle of Yavin, Mon Julpa recruited miner Jann Tosh into the fleet and enlisted him with a Captain's rank.[1]

Around this time, the pirate known as Gir Kybo Ren-Cha attacked Tammuz-an with his stolen Star Destroyer, the Demolisher. The Tammuz-an space navy fought valiantly against the Demolisher as well as Kybo's modified TIE fighters, and successfully repelled the enemy attack.[2]

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A continuity error existed in the fact that the A-wing and B-wing starfighters, seen docked in hangar bays and flying through space throughout the course of the series, were not produced at the time that the animated series is set. However, this error has since been addressed with a retcon, making them earlier designs of the same ships: the R-22 Spearhead and H-60 Tempest bomber, respectively.



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