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Tamu Dree, designated Cadet 542-146, was a male human who served as a cadet in the Galactic Empire.[1]


Tamu Dree came from Boiyuh and joined the Imperial Military along with his brother, Lyttan Dree, to avoid starving to death.[1]

Imperial service[]

Tamu and his brother trained at the Carida Academy. They were present when Han Solo got into a fight with Beilert Valance.[1]

Tamu and his brother were checking on the leaderboard rankings of the cadets when Solo, who was released from solitary confinement and returned to duty, joined them. Tamu collected a bet from his brother, who assumed Solo would be dead. Valance approached the group and started a fight with Solo, knocking him to the floor. After the fight, Tamu collected on another bet with Kanina Nico about Solo's survival.[4]

During a training flight, Tamu's TIE fighter was hit by Valance's fighter and sent out of control. Tamu was knocked unconscious and his TIE fighter was on a collusion course with the energy shield over the training grounds. Solo used his fighter to destroy the shield generators, and ejected from his ship so he could board Tamu's TIE fighter and land it safely. Once on the ground Tamu was treated by medical staff and sent to the brig along with the rest of Solo's squad.[4]

Tamu gets married.

Later, Tamu was assigned to Imperial Cruiser 07200823 along with his brother, Solo, and Nico to ferry TIE fighters and their pilots to rendezvous with a Star Destroyer. Nico took command and assigned him to navigation duties. After dropping off the TIE fighters, Tamu informed Nico that Solo had improved the efficiency of the engines and they were a day ahead of schedule. Solo suggested they visit a nearby Pantolomin cruiser for some fun. Once on-board, Tamu and the others enjoyed the hospitality of the ship. While gambling, Tamu met a female name Ylra. He proceeded to marry her but their ceremony was broken up when the rest of the squad grabbed him while escaping Pjolan and his gang. When they returned to Carida, Tamu and the rest were returned to flight duty.[2]

Tamu, along with the rest of Carida Squadron, were sent to Qhulosk to battle the natives. Once there, he examined the modifications that Solo had done to his TIE fighter, and suggested to his brother that they should do the same to their ships. He was sent along with the rest of his squadron to attack Howlan. He followed Valance on a strafing run that destroyed the shield generators and cannons guarding the city. After Valance was shot down by Qhuloskian fighters, Tamu returned to base. When Solo decided to initiate a rescue mission, he boarded a speeder bike and joined him.[3]

He made his way to Holowan with the rest of his squadron, but his speeder bike was destroyed by falling debris due to the bombing from TIE bombers. Tamu managed to jump aboard his brother's bike and make it to safety. Tamu wanted to head straight to Valance's position, but was stopped by his squadmates because of the Qhuloskian soldiers in the area. They made their way to Valance's crash site, and Tamu applied first aid to his wounds. On the way back to the base, the group ran into a large group of Qhuloskians and Solo attempted to bluff their way out of the confrontation. They were saved by a group of Ghulars who revealed the Empire was invading Qhulosk to take farium for starship construction. When Solo concocted a plan to make it look like Nico was killed in action so she could return to her home planet before the Empire enslaved her boyfriend, Tamu agreed to go along with the hoax. He wasn't sure how successful she'd be at evading the Empire but offered her his support.[5]

Tamu shows Solo his transfer.

Back at the base, Tamu was present when Valance was informed that due to his injuries, he would not be able to fly again. He also told Solo that he was being transferred to the medics since the Empire was impressed by his field medical skills. He hoped he would be stationed at a base near where his wife lived, but admitted he was unsure if they were still married.[5]

Some time later, Tamu received a call from his brother who was serving in the elite 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. Tamu informed his brother that his wife and children had moved out of the city to lessen the risk to them. They talked about the status of the war and reminisced over their past.[6]



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