"My title's purely ceremonial. Empty. This is the moff's world. I nod along in public. In private, they ring bitter."
Grand Admiral Urtya on Tan Hubi and his own empty titles[src]

Tan Hubi was a male human who was the Imperial Moff[2] of the Calamari sector. In order to free King Lee-Char from imprisonment, Leia Organa and her team planned to kidnap Hubi so they could use his bio-signature to access the King's prison[3] on Strokill Prime.[2] Hubi was mistakenly killed in the crossfire by stormtroopers when he sent them an alert from Lee-Char's cell as the rebels recorded the king's last words to his people. Sometime later, Regent Urtya was informed that Hubi's replacement had yet to be confirmed and that the Imperials were suspicious of rebel activity in the sector.[1]

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