Doctor Tan Kirin was a Human male native of Corellia who was a renowned figure in medical science by the time of the Cold War with the Sith Empire.[1] A professor at the Corellian Science Academy on his homeworld of Corellia, Kirin delivered a lecture series hosted by the Republic Medical Journal and the Coruscant Institute for Medical Sciences[2] shortly before the Empire invaded Corellia in 3641 BBY.[3] The lectures featured a presentation of a summary of his most recent publication, "Replication of T-5 Progenitor Cells Using Isolated Bacta-Kolto Induction", and a question-and-answer session.[2] During the Battle of Corellia, Kirin requested the help of the Republic Military to destroy the bioweapon smokescreen, which the Empire was manufacturing in the captured factories of Ardus Industries.[1]



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