"Isn't that right, Kendoh—or should I say, the Scourge of Serenno, the Thief of Tandhor-Six, the mastermind behind the Bothan Museum heist?"
―A First Order stormtrooper sergeant[src]

Tandhor-Six was a location where the scoundrel Kendoh Voss, leader of the Kendoh Gang, once operated. Voss later became known as the "Thief of Tandhor-Six," a name referenced by a stormtrooper sergeant in the 709th Legion of the First Order during the criminal gang's attempted heist on the Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar on the[1] Outer Rim[2] planet Batuu[1] around 34 ABY.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tandhor-Six was mentioned in the comic Galaxy's Edge 5, written by Ethan Sacks and published by Marvel Comics[1] on August 28, 2019.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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