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"I was; not anymore."
―King Rash accuses Tandin after he sides with the rebels[src]

Tandin was a Human male general who served the Royal Onderon Militia during the Clone Wars.


In 20 BBY, Tandin supported Sanjay Rash, King of Onderon, when the planet sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When the Onderon rebels began to cause havoc by fighting against the Separatists, Tandin remained loyal to the king. However, he was in constant disagreement with super tactical droid Kalani, who was sent to Onderon by Count Dooku. Tandin attempted to convince Rash that the rebels were only targeting the droid army, and suggested that allowing the Royal Onderon Militia to assume control of security could convince the rebels to stop and discuss terms. Kalani denied him, stating that the rebels may have had sympathizers among the militia's own ranks. Tandin insisted the threat was external and the droid reinforcements had done little to stop it. Rash interjected that they would not negotiate with the rebels, whom he referred to as "terrorists". Tandin then notified the king of Steela Gerrera and her brother Saw's involvement in the rebel movement, along with Lux Bonteri, son of the deceased Senator Mina Bonteri.

Tandin confers with the rebel Saw Gerrera.

Later that night, Saw Gerrera, one of the leaders of the rebellion, was captured while attempting to rescue Ramsis Dendup from execution. He was subjected to torture by Kalani to extract his cohorts' location. Tandin refused to have him tortured any longer and decided to have him alive in order to find rebels. In questioning the young man, Saw sowed the seeds of doubt within Tandin.

Later that day, Tandin witnessed the near-execution of Dendup and the occurrence of the rebels. When they were surrounded and all seemed lost, Tandin led all the palace guards to serve by his side and prevent the execution from happening. They surrounded the battle droids while Tandin took Rash as hostage for a short time. He gave the rebels and guards a chance to escape since he was willing to sacrifice his life for them. But before the battle droids were about to take aim, Ahsoka Tano jumped out of the crowd and saved the general and both escaped, allowing all the civilians to turn against the false King Rash for his lies. In the shelter, Tandin and the royal guards pledged their support to the rebels and their true King.

The rebels soon moved out of the city into the wilderness to draw the droids away from Iziz. Tandin consented to Steela Gerrera's leadership when Dendup appointed her as leader of both their forces. However, Kalani dispatched droid gunships to aid the droid army to destroy the rebellion. The rebels were on the brink of defeat, until Hondo Ohnaka delivered rocket launchers on behalf of Anakin Skywalker. They were able to defeat the droids, forcing the Separatists to abandon Onderon and kill Rash. Sadly, the victory was with great cost, as Steela died during the final battle. Tandin was present at her funeral in Iziz as Onderon celebrated its liberation.

Personality and traits[]

General Tandin's hand tattoo

A male Human, General Tandin measured 1.77 meters and had broad shoulders. At the time of the Clone Wars, he was a mature gentleman who sported grey, short-cropped hair and a wide mustache. His blueish eyes were surmounted by thick eyebrows. Like other Onderonians such as King Ramsis Dendup,[1] the General had a personal lyra-shaped emblem tattooed on the back of his hands.[2]


Tandin, along with the other Royal Onderon Militia members, wielded a laser lance.

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Tandin is voiced by David Kaye.



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