"Outlander! You are guilty of assassinating the Immortal Emperor, and of evading imprisonment!"
"We demand your immediate surrender!"
―Novo and Tanek[src]

Tanek was a male[3] Human[4] from the planet Zakuul[1] who served in the Knights of Zakuul, an order of Force-sensitive warriors who protected the Eternal Empire and its ruler, the Immortal Emperor.[3] In 3632 BBY,[2] he was partnered with a fellow Knight named Novo, and they were among the Zakuulan forces that attempted to stop the escape of the criminal known as the Outlander from the Spire on Zakuul. Tanek met his end as a result of the encounter. Novo later blamed the Outlander for Tanek's death, even though it was not the Outlander who struck the killing blow.[3]

Behind the scene[edit | edit source]

Players have two options: let Tanek be killed by Lana Beniko for dark side points and influence with Beniko, or set him free for light side points and lose influence with Beniko. If he is spared, Tanek will be executed by Vaylin for letting the Outlander escape.[3]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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