Tangenine was a planet located in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy.[1] It was the homeworld of the Coelho who owned a farm. It's primary crime gang was the Malandro syndicate which very embedded into the system. Their leader, the Falleen gangster Annaz, killed Remba and Kelven Coelho, leaving Julien and Lauren Coelho orphaned. When the Galactic Empire arrived to Tangenine, they hired many bounty hunters to clear out the crime for them and Lauren Coelho came back under the alias Brand and she took jobs primarily for the Malandro syndicate. Brand eventually got to kill Annaz and avenge her parents. The Malandro syndicate fragmented after that.[2] With the crime dying down, the Empire started enforcing their harsh rules on the planet and Brand got sick of their injustice and took a job off-world on the notorious Rebel Captain Micha Evon.[1]

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