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"Chandrila has always encouraged and fostered free, responsible speech, and it would appear that these workers took every measure to ensure their absence would not endanger anyone."
―Tanis Mothma[src]

Tanis Mothma was a Human female governor of Hanna City, Chandrila during the years prior to the Clone Wars. Her husband was an arbiter-general of the Galactic Republic and their daughter Mon Mothma became Bormea sector's Senator.


Tanis Mothma was a Human[2] female who resided on Chandrila. She was married to a man who served as an arbiter-general for the Galactic Republic, and the pair had a daughter, Mon Mothma. Mothma served as governor[4] of Hanna City in the lead up to the Clone Wars.[3] She taught her daughter how to administer, organize, and lead.[4] In 22 BBY, Mothma commented on the walk-out by the planet's Public Safety Commission—protesting over the vote to create a Grand Army of the Republic—noting that they had done everything possible to ensure that their strike had not endangered others by programming droids to cover the increased workload.[3] Eventually, Mothma was replaced as governor of Hanna City by Jovive Centi.[1]



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