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Tannis was a Human male pirate. He was a member of the BloodScars, a pirate organization active in Shelsha sector.


Tannis was the pilot of the Cavalcade. He was one of the few survivors from the pirate vessel which Mara Jade had commandeered. At first he was reluctant to co-operate with the Emperor's Hand, but he begrudgingly made a deal with Mara in which he would help her infiltrate the BloodScars' pirate base in exchange for a clean legal record. By the time Mara was discovered to be a spy in the pirate base, the two had developed some sort of friendly relationship.

When the mercenary Caaldra made his escape from Mara at the pirate base, he set of a fire trap that almost killed both Mara and Tannis on the spot. Although Mara was able to use her healing techniques and pain suppression to deal with the burns, Tannis was severely burned and couldn't support himself for the short remainder of their mission. During this time, he asked Mara to bury him in space if he didn't make it. Once Mara had found a ship to get off the planet, she put him in the medical capsule and headed for the nearest planet with suitable medical facilities. Unfortunately, approximately one hour after entering hyperspace Mara dropped out and granted his last request.

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