Tanno Vik was a male Weequay who served the Galactic Republic during the time of the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire.


Tanno Vik TOR

Tanno Vik

An orphan born on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, Tanno Vik moved from gang to gang where he learned to survive and fight, betraying his allies when the gang showed weakness or instability. To get off of the crime-infested moon Vik enlisted in the Galactic Republic Military and was bounced from posting to posting as his insubordination prevented him from taking on a placement with the Republic Special Forces Division.[1]

As Vik was accused of criminal activity during his service, promotion did not seem likely, especially after a conviction in a case which named Vik as the mastermind of an exploitative racket on the planet Talay. Dismissed from the military, Vik made a living working as a mercenary on the planet Balmorra, seeking to get into the Balmorran Arms Factory to steal its prototype weapons for profit. At the same time, Havoc Squad came to Balmorra to recruit him for a mission to take on an Imperial superweapon, codenamed Gauntlet. General Elin Garza formally granted Vik the rank of Specialist once he was recruited. Vik proved useful in taking down the Gauntlet.[2]

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, Vik's CO went missing. Soon afterward, Vik left the military and became a crime boss on the shadowport, Asylum, where he ran into the Outlander after kidnapping one of their allies for stealing from him.

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As a mercenary, Vik learned to attack obstacles and threats by locating weaknesses with speed, which impressed his instructors when he entered Republic service. He utilized some of the most advanced items of weaponry that were available in the galaxy.

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Tanno was first identified in an entry on The Old Republic website's Holonet databank which features Aurebesh phrases such as "On Garza's List," "Red Hand Magaran," and "Language Aquisition Issues."

Tanno was voiced by David Anthony Pizzuto, but due to David's untimely death in 2012, Tanno is voiced by Fred Tatasciore from Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel onwards.

In the sixth chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the Outlander has the option to kill Tanno Vik, even if the player is a Trooper.



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