"What would you have us do, Treis Sinde?! Our people were being killed! Were we just supposed to ignore that?!"

Tanquar was the Mon Calamari leader of the Mon Calamari Rangers during the Second Imperial Civil War. He allied himself with Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, using his advice to organize a guerrilla war against the Galactic Empire of Darth Krayt, who had marked his people for extermination.


Leading the RangersEdit

"Master Sinde. Treis. I don't want you to think we're ungrateful to you or unmindful of your help. But we're fighting for the lives of our people!"

Following Emperor Darth Krayt's decree that the Mon Calamari of Dac were to be exterminated, Tanquar organized the Mon Calamari Rangers to resist the genocide. He and his comrades were joined by Treis Sinde, an Imperial Knight loyal to the Empire-in-exile, who helped them wage a guerrilla war against the attacking Imperials. Sinde suggested that the Rangers should try to capture an Acklay-class mobile fortress, in order to use it as a mobile command base. Using Krakana fighters, the Rangers and Sinde tailed a battle fortress, using the trenches of the ocean floor to hide their presence. However, just before they were set to spring their trap on the battle fortress, the vehicle they were tailing, the Acklay Battle Fortress Sea Lion, attacked a Mon Calamari settlement, slaughtering the innocents that were residing there. Although Sinde wanted to wait so that they could surround and capture the craft, Tanquar was not willing to sacrifice his people for his own gain, and he led the Rangers into battle against the fortress' Shark Squadron.

The Krakana fighters slowly pushed back the Imperials' Shark fighters, inflicting substantial casualties. Sinde used the distraction to board the Sea Lion, damaging the craft's docking bay. However, as the Rangers were now out of position, the battle fortress was able to retreat from the battlefield. With the Imperials defeated, the Rangers escorted the rescued refugees to their secret base, the Ranger Grotto. Sinde was frustrated that they had been unable to capture the Imperial craft, but Tanquar tried to put a positive spin on the situation, claiming that they should be proud that they had driven away an Acklay and saved their people. When the refugees questioned where they could go now, Tanquar initially agreed that they could stay at the base. However, Sinde, refused, claiming that they would only endanger their mission and perhaps compromise their location. The refugees agreed with Sinde, and a portion of Tanquar's soldiers escorted the group outside of the base to a safe location.

Tanquar and his men rigged up a communications device that allowed Sinde to speak with his leader. Tanquar was outside the room when he heard Emperor Roan Fel order Sinde to return to Bastion. Sinde said his actions with the Rangers may convince the Mon Calamari to ally with the true Empire, but Fel said the Mon Calamari would never ally with the Empire. Sinde reluctantly agreed to return to Bastion. Tanquar confronted Sinde on his choice to leave, saying that he didn't care about the Mon Calamari because they weren't "his people."


At this point, a ranger returned from patrol and informed them about a sith monster heading their way. Tanquar ordered them to prepare for battle, but Sinde advised against it. Sinde knew the Sith were trying to lure the Rangers out to destroy them, and said the best choice for the greater good was to sacrifice the refugees the Leviathan was attacking. Tanquar refused to hear this. Sinde then decided on a different plan: the Rangers would attack the transport escorting the Leviathan while he dealt with the creature himself. Tanquar was overjoyed Sinde was still helping them, but was confused because his Emperor had ordered him to leave them. Sinde responded that he was helping them because he was his friend.

Tanquar led the Rangers into the battle. This time, they stuck to the plan and attacked the transport carrying Vul Isen and Darth Azard. Sinde, meanwhile, used the Force to summon a school of Devilsquid and used them to overpower, and presumably kill, the Leviathan. The Rangers, meanwhile, destroyed the transport when Shonmai rammed her fighter into it.

With the battle over, Sinde once again contacted Emperor Fel. Fel once again told Sinde to return to Bastion. When Sinde made it clear that he couldn't return at the present time, Fel told him to return when it was possible. Tanquar was happy Sinde would be staying, saying they had a friend in him.

A New AllyEdit

Tanquar later escorted Sinde to the surface so he could meet with his former apprentice, Sigel Dare. Once there, Sinde informed Dare of his decision to stay with the Rangers, despite the Emperor's orders. Dare didn't take this very well, declaring Sinde a traitor to Fel and attempting to strike her former master down. But Jedi Master Asaak Dan, who had accompanied Dare, intervened, offering to stay with the Rangers in Sinde's place. Sinde agreed, and bid goodbye to Tanquar, leaving Dan to help them.

Dac EvacuationEdit

"Living is sometimes harder than dying, Asaak Dan."

Three days after the execution of the Final Protocol, which would eliminate all life on Dac in a span of seven days, Tanquar, Master Dan, and the rest of the Rangers captured Heurkea as a secure evacuation point for the Galactic Alliance Remnant and a number of voluntary ships. As the last available shuttle prepared to depart, Tanquar insisted on staying with those that could not be saved. However, Asaak Dan reminded Tanquar that he was now one of the leaders of his people and had the responsibility of surviving, despite his personal feelings.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tanquar first appeared in the 2009 Star Wars: Legacy story arc Fight Another Day.


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