"Stare any harder and it'll evaporate."
―Tolk le Trene teasing Jos Vondar, who was staring into his Tanque tea[src]

Tanque tea was a variety of tea with a murky appearance, which was due to root fragments that were one of its ingredients. Some of the root fragments floated at the surface of the tea and were visible to the unaided eye.[1] In 20 BBY,[2] a Human Republic surgeon named Jos Vondar had Tanque tea in the chow hall of Republic Mobile Surgical Unit 7, a medical facility located on the planet Drongar. He shared the tea with his nurse assistant, Tolk le Trene, a member of the genetically Human Lorrdian race.[1]

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Tanque tea made its first appearance in MedStar I: Battle Surgeons, a 2004 Clone Wars novel written by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves as the first part of the MedStar Duology.[1]

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