This article is about the father of Brenn and Dellis Tantor. You may be looking for his sons or the bounty hunter Tantor.
"Remember when we were told that our father was killed in a Rebel attack on the way to Graal'diin? Well, it's a lie."
Dellis Tantor to Brenn Tantor[src]

Tantor was the father of Brenn and Dellis Tantor. His first name is not known.


A native of Garos IV, Tantor fathered two sons, Brenn and Dellis. At that time, the planet was wracked with civil war. Tantor was greatly relieved when the Galactic Empire intervened and put an end to the violence. Impressed with Imperial power, Tantor taught his sons to respect the stormtroopers who kept the peace on Garos. He also volunteered his skills to the Empire, becoming a military transport pilot.

When rebellion broke out against the Empire, the Tantor home was caught in the crossfire. Stormtroopers pulled Tantor's sons from the rubble, leading them to attend the Academy of Carida in hope of becoming stormtroopers themselves.

Tantor never lived to see their successful Imperial careers. On a mission to Coruscant, he lost the grain he was carrying to Corellian pirates. Determined to make an example of him that would encourage other pilots to make even more intense efforts to protect their cargo, the Empire had him executed. His sons, still in the Academy, were told that he was killed by Rebels while taking medical supplies to Graal'diin.

The Tantor brothers were refused entry into the Stormtrooper Corps, however, likely as a result of their father's execution. Despite that, through their persistence and dedication, the two forged ahead as honorary members of Cattena Squadron. During the Battle of Kalaan, Brenn caught the eye of Beri Tulon. Brenn was recruited to the Battlefield Holographic Control Interface program, taking Dellis with him.

Eventually, Brenn rose to become a prominent general in the Imperial Army. Dellis rose to the rank of major within Imperial Intelligence. It was in his service there that Dellis accessed Imperial records on his father and discovered the truth. He was able to inform Brenn, who had just won the Battle of Hoth, before he was imprisoned. The Empire, however, never realized that Brenn had learned the truth. Shortly afterward, Brenn defected to the Rebellion and went on to lead important victories in the Battle of Endor and Seizure of Coruscant. In the latter, Brenn captured the Imperial Palace and freed Dellis. In the end, it was their father's execution by the government to which he had been so loyal that drove his sons to take such effective action against it.


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