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"Hey, listen buddy. If the Impies find me on board, I'm Wampameat. On second thought, if they find me, you're Wampameat. Catch my drift?"
―Tantos Dree[src]

Tantos Dree was a bounty hunter active during the Galactic Civil War.


Tantos Dree was a male bounty hunter who operated during the Galactic Civil War.[1] During his career, Dree was wanted by the Galactic Empire and a bounty of 10,000 credits was placed on his head.[2] At some point, he was aboard a freighter, the Dorion Discus, as it left the planet Thorgeld I along with the ship's captain, the smuggler Roark Garnet, Garnet's daughter, Jill, and her grandfather, Jackson Farseeker. While breaking orbit, the Dorion Discus was hailed by the Imperial Customs Frigate Assessor wanting to perform a customs inspection. Dree made it clear to Garnet that the Imperials could not discover him aboard, or the smuggler would face the consequences. Jill suggested that they could hide Dree by having him exit the vessel and trailing behind the ship holding onto a rope. Not a fan of "being strung up like a yoyo," Dree took matters into his own hands and manned the weaponry of the Dorion Discus. At the same time, Farseeker had been making the calculations for a jump to hyperspace. Garnet attempted to bluff the Assessor by claiming to have a priority cargo for the Imperial base on Markon IV, but failed to convince the Imperials aboard who fired a warning shot across the Dorion Discus's bow and gave them a final warning to heave to.[1]

As Garnet started evasive maneuvers, Dree managed to get two shots off at the Assessor before the Dorion Discus made the jump and he missed both times. Seeing the characteristic visual phenomena of the jump to lightspeed, Dree expressed his relief that they were safely away. However, the Dorion Discus's shields had not managed to block one of the laser blasts that the Assessor had fired at it. Almost immediately after Dree had made the remark, an ominous clicking sound began to originate from the freighter's upper hull, in addition to slight fluctuations in its power output.[1] Some time later, an individual attempted to recruit some help in rescuing their friends from Dree, although it was part of a con.[2]

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Dree was a bounty hunter with an aggressive and hard-bitten personality. Wanted by the Empire, he has no qualms about threatening his companions to ensure his safety, or firing at Imperial ships. Despite this, he was only moderately trained to use the weapons aboard small space transports, and missed a target ten times the size of the Dorion Discus over Thorgeld.[1]


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