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The taozin was a giant annelid with many arms and legs native to the jungle moon of Va'art. Capable of spitting silken webbing to entrap its prey, taozins' natural shell armor was almost completely resistant to blasters[3] and lightsabers. Force-sensitive creatures, taozin could interfere with the sense abilities of Force-sensitives, making them appear invisible in the Force.[1]

Finding their way all over the galaxy, taozin were thought to be extinct until Darsha Assant, Lorn Pavan, and I-5YQ stumbled across one circa 32 BBY while fleeing from Darth Maul in the depths of the Coruscant underworld. The Dark Lord of the Sith described this as "almost like encountering a surface so slick that one could find no purchase on it." Darth Maul eventually killed it by cutting the bridge that he and the taozin were on, letting it fall into the chasm below while Maul escaped. Pavan would later use a taozin nodule to attack Darth Maul in an attempt to kill the Sith Lord.[4] Wielders of taozin nodules could maintain the same Force-disguise that a living taozin could, disappearing nearly completely into the mystic energy force.[1] When the Galactic Empire came to power in 19 BBY, the members of the Inquisitorius were equipped with taozin amulets, which would mask their presence while on the hunt for rogue Jedi.[5]

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