The Tapani-class Assault Frigate was the primary capital ship used in the Tapani sector by both the noble houses and the Freeworlds.


The vessel had a streamlined oval shaped hull with a pair of stabilizer fins that jutted out from the lower aft of the ship. Another smaller stabilizer fin was also located on the dorsal surface near the middle of the vessel. It was powered by four huge ion engines set in a diamond formation at the aft.

The Tapani-class Assault Frigate was manufactured by the Tapani Starship Cooperative of the Tallaan shipyards although it was only the main hull of the ship that was of an original design. The other systems including the engines, weapons, and electronic matrix were sourced from other manufacturers. Although this inevitably meant the overall cost of the ship was large and spare parts were more difficult to obtain, it was probably the only way such a small company could produce such a sophisticated vessel.

Each frigate would typically have the house crest or other affiliated symbols on the hull of the ship and most were named after planets or cities.

The cost of a new Tapani-class Assault Frigate was 1.6 billion credits.


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