Tapani nobility

Tapani nobility

The Tapani Noble Houses were the ruling families of the Tapani sector. When the sector was first colonized, there were twelve houses. Two were destroyed in the civil war Shey Tapani initiated, while another seemingly collapsed on itself shortly there after. Two others were believed to be destroyed during the Cleansing of the Nine Houses. Competition between the houses was fierce, and there were several civil wars. All noble families in the sector were members of a particular house, during the Rebellion era there were seven of these coalitions of families that ruled the provinces of the sector. Of these seven, houses Mecetti, Cadriaan and Melantha were the most powerful during the era.

Lady Wineth Lastemin, Lady Agatha, Lord Hoall,[1] Baron Balcomb,[1] Baron Bertrum and Baron Munsk were Tapani sector nobles during the Rebellion era but which house they belonged to is not known. Traditionally, Tapani nobles presented an ulikuo gemstone as part of a marriage proposal.

Leocald VII and Gorgano IV were Emperors of the Tapani sector however their house affiliation is unknown.[2]

Baron Karoll Cilarnus was possibly a Tapani noble of unknown house allegiance. He was responsible for the manufacture of the starship that would later be known as the Moomo Williwaw.[3]

Captain Andra's family had a very ancient lineage and once belonged to a noble house that was disbanded when the Freeworlds ceded from the Expanse.[2]


Seven HousesEdit

Former HousesEdit

Unification War :

Cleansing of the Nine Houses :

House Defense ForcesEdit

The Tapani houses each maintained a standing military force known as the House Defense Force.



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