Taradon's Helm was a starship control board that was imbued with crystalline technologies which tapped into the Force. An artifact created by the Jedi Knight Taradon, it was lost on the planet Ilum in a starfighter crash that claimed Taradon's life.



Created by the ancient Jedi Knight Taradon to augment his already considerable piloting skill, the Helm was hot-swappable into the hardware of a staggering array of different ship designs. The Helm served Taradon well for his century of service to the Jedi Order and was used in the flight which claimed the Jedi's life. Flying a mission above Ilum, Taradon used the Helm to fight off the corrupt Jedi Deelguh who sought to raid the planet's stores of Adegan crystals. Sacrificing himself to stop Deelguh, Taradon rammed the Rodian's ship, killing both of them. While the wreckage of Taradon's ship was never recovered, it was theorized by other Jedi that the Helm survived the crash.[1]


A small device resembling slicing equipment, the Helm of Taradon was a control box studded with switches, buttons, and lights. A rectangular device with a conical taper on one side, the cone inserted into almost any craft that could fly and tapped into its interface programming. Inside the device, Taradon had placed crystalline technologies, similar to holocrons, that connected to the Force and enabled a Forceful pilot to imbue the device with their determination and courage.[1]


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