This article is about an insect native to Kessel. You may be looking for the Jedi debating tradition.

A Taras-chi was an insect native to Kessel. It had six legs under a hard round carapace about three centimeters in diameter. Kyp Durron explained that they offered nutrition to the slaves in the spice mines who could catch them to eat. Having spent time on Kessel, Booster Terrik also knew of this insect, and passed on the knowledge of it to his son-in-law Corran Horn. Both Terrik and Durron felt that the taras-chi tasted awful, although Kyp did say that they tasted less awful if prepared properly.

In order to show solidarity to the Jedi Order, Kyp Durron pretended that his belief that Jacen Solo should be a Jedi Master was merely an attempt to argue the other side in order to properly view all sides of an issue (which he called Taras-Chi). Later, Luke implemented that idea and with the name Taras-chi.



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