The Tarasin Revolt was a conflict between the native Tarasin of Cularin and off-world corporate interests wanting to exploit Cularin's natural resources, principally the Trade Federation, since the planet's re-discovery in 232 BBY.

The RevoltEdit

The Revolt began in 161 BBY, when the Tarasin tried to prevent certain off-world companies from entering the jungles to harvest rare trees, especially the ch'hala tree, which was sacred to the Tarasin. Violence erupted from this confrontation, and the situation escalated after that.

Other reasons included the quick expansions of the twin urban cities Gadrin and Hedrett towards the surrounding jungle, which led to a deforestation the Tarasin were unable to accept.

The companies hired armed guards, and eventually the Trade Federation sent in war droids to protect their assets on-planet. Eventually, the Tarasin wanted to remove all aliens from their world and launched a series of counter-attacks, using off-world weaponry and their own natural Force talent. Even after this use of the Force, the Jedi refused to take part in the conflict. However, the Federation droids took an aggressive stance and raided a Tarasin settlement (or "irstat"), killing a number of Tarasin.

During the war, some Tarasins scouted and hid in the underground Ishkik caverns, storing military equipment.

After years of not getting involved in the conflict, two Jedi from the Almas Academy came to Cularin to negotiate peace. The fighting continued, but after half a year, the negotiations proved successful, the Cularin Compact was drafted and the fighting came to an end. With that treaty, the Tarasin and their culture were recognized certain rights, and the off-worlds companies were forced to protect the ecology of Cularin whenever trying to harvest resources.


The Tarasin helped the aliens to obtain profit while at the same time not harming the planet. However, the rise of trade and prosperity attracted pirates, smugglers and other criminals in the following years.

Although the Tarasins sold their military remnants in Gadrin or off-planet, rumors remained about old pieces still hiding in the Ishkik caverns.



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