The Target Acquisition and Tracking, or TAT, was a triple-array sensor and computing package used on the CoMar Combat Systems G-003 Tri-Tracker.

The TAT was a highly complex and sophisticated system that allowed precise accuracy even at extreme range. The first sensor acquired the lock-on signature of all targets within an area designated by the operator. A primary target was then selected, either by the operator or computer, while secondary signatures were tracked further. The second sensor recorded the position, speed and maneuvering of the primary target, and fed this data into the Countermeasures Compensation Computer (C3), the third part of the system. The C3 analyzed any countermeasures the target attempted, such as jamming or "dummy" drones, and predicted the target's flight path. The C3 would continue to make minor adjustments up to the microsecond before the Tri-Tracker fired.

Because of design limitations, the TAT's sensor range was actually less than the range of the Tri-Tracker's weapons. However, the C3's ability to extrapolate the target's flight path allowed for extremely accurate fire able to down craft even beyond sensor range.


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