A targeting laser, or spot-luma, was a small device affixed to or built into the body of a weapon. It allowed the wielder of the weapon greater accuracy, as a harmless laser beam, invisible to the naked eye, was emitted from the spot-luma onto whatever surface at which the barrel of the weapon was directed, creating a small spot of light which indicated where the weapon's armaments were to hit.

In some cases, however, the added accuracy conferred by a spot-luma brought with it other disadvantages. Just as the device indicated to the weapon's wielder the pinpoint location of his aim, it also gave away his or her approximate location and distance, depending on the size and position of the dot of light.


Targeting lasers were in existence since at least the Jedi Civil War, where they were often attached to blasters for improved accuracy.[1][2]

T-16 skyhoppers featured targeting lasers.[3]

The disadvantage of the targeting laser was exploited by bounty hunter Boba Fett in the years after the Battle of Yavin, while he was being pursued by Imperial General Gaege Xarran on Vryssa. When approaching the room into which Fett had retreated, General Xarran failed to realize that his blaster carbine's spot-luma was giving away his position, allowing the bounty hunter to preempt Xarran's next movements and kill him with a thermal detonator.[4]

Another bounty hunter named Boushh had a targeting laser built into his helmet.[5]



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