This article is about a real-world bear. You may be looking for the Organa servant Tarrik or the pilot Captain Tarrik.

Tarik (19771994) was a baby black bear whose voice was one of the major components of Chewbacca's vocals,[1] along with that of a cinnamon bear named Pooh[2] and a walrus named Petula.[3] Tarik's growls also provided the primary voice of Lumpawarrump in the 1978 TV movie The Star Wars Holiday Special.[4] He lived in San Jose's Happy Hollow Zoo, where he was a popular attraction. According to the Associated Press, Tarik enjoyed "sleeping, eating, catching bear biscuits, and spending hot days on his back in his pool with his paws in the air." In October 1994, Tarik died of congestive heart failure, liver disease and cancer at the age of 16.[5]


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