A Taris Police Officer.

Taris Civil Authority (aka, Taris Security) was the top law enforcement agency on Taris. Its headquarters were located in Patrol Plaza.

The law and enforcement organization was formed to enforce the socioeconomic divisions as well as secure the city sectors of the planet.

As of 3964 BBY, Taris Security was led by Constable Sowrs. They faced a major challenge in controlling swoop gangs like the Black Vulkars and Hidden Beks. The crime wave caused by the gangs was threatening to spread upward into the Lower City and was creating nervousness among Tarisian business interests.

Taris Security assisted Jedi Master Lucien Draay in the pursuit of fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick. The police force received leads that Carrick had been sighted in the refugee camps outside of Machineville. Ultimately, the attempted arrest of Carrick at Junk Junction failed, and he escaped offplanet. Taris Security offered its continued help in the chase, but was refused by Master Draay.

In the mob riots that occurred three weeks after Zayne's second escape from the Taris Academy, half the force fled off of Taris while the other half had been pushed back to the Upper City.


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