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"You're a Tarkin. Either you kill…or…"
Jova Tarkin, to Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Tarkin family was a human family that hailed from Eriadu, a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. Among Eriadu's first pioneers, the Tarkins led the colonists, helping them fight back the planet's wilderness. Progressively, the Tarkin militias evolved into a proper sector military, which became the Outland Regions Security Force in which many Tarkins served. By the last decades of the Galactic Republic, the Tarkin family was immensely wealthy and influential.[1] The family owned the planet Eadu, which Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin later gave to the Galactic Empire.[2]

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Family tree[]

Wilhuff Tarkin's grandfather[1]
Jova Tarkin[1]
Wilhuff Tarkin's father[1]
Wilhuff Tarkin's mother[1]
Imperial governor
Wilhuff Tarkin[1]
Ranulph Tarkin[1]


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