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Tarnese Bleyd was a male Sakiyan who served as an admiral of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.


In 20 BBY, Bleyd had became involved in a Black Sun plot to smuggle the wonder drug known as bota off the planet Drongar while he was in command of the medical ship MedStar Nineteen. He had done so in an attempt to earn back his clan's honor, which had been lost when his pride-father, Tarnese Lyanne, was double-crossed by Shiltu the Hutt, a Black Sun Vigo.

Bleyd killed a Black Sun operative named Mathal when he attempted to play both sides against one another. He encased the body within carbonite, placed the slab aboard a ship and launched it into the Separatist forces. He was eventually murdered by the Nediji Black Sun operative Kaird in return.

Personality and traits[]

Tarnese Bleyd was an ambitious and cunning individual. Resentful of what he considered a backwater posting on MedStar Nineteen, his mission to restore his family's honor was paramount in his mind. Feeling that working in the Republic Navy was not bringing the wealth and prestige he felt he deserved, Bleyd turned to crime in the Black Sun organization, and had no qualms whatsoever with killing anyone who might hinder his plans. Despite his skills of subterfuge, however, Black Sun caught on to his attempt to turn the situation on Drongar to his own advantage, and he met his end at the hands of Kaird.

While Bleyd was dismissive of his responsibilities at the Republic camp, he was not without a sense of duty and aesthetic, and would always keep his uniform immaculate, as well as varying his inspections to keep standards high.


Tarnese Bleyd piloted a Surronian Conqueror-class assault ship for flights between MedStar Nineteen and Drongar, which he valued for its size and speed. After his death, its ownership passed to (in turn) Erel Kersos, Kaird, and Prince Xizor.