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"Restore the Jedi Order? Oh, you poor fool. It's over! Jedi fell long before the Purge. Stifled by tradition. Deafened by our past glories. Blinded by endless war."
―Taron Malicos, to Cal Kestis[1]

Taron Malicos was a human male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. After Order 66, he later turned to the dark side upon escaping to Dathomir and became the leader of the Nightbrothers by killing Viscus, while influencing the Dathomirian Nightsister Merrin to learn her magick art and told her that the Jedi had conducted the Battle of Dathomir, when in truth, the battle was orchestrated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and its leader, the Sith Lord Count Dooku, who ordered the Kaleesh cyborg General Grievous to annihilate the entirety of the Nightsisters. Malicos eventually ran into the Padawan Cal Kestis and tried to turn the Padawan to the dark side twice. However, he failed to accomplish this on both occasions. When Merrin came to the conclusion that Malicos had lied about the Jedi killing her family, Kestis and Merrin decided to take him out, ensuring a duel between the Padawan and Malicos. Kestis won the duel with the help of Merrin in which the Nightsister buried the fallen Jedi with her magick.


Jedi General[]

During the Clone Wars, Taron Malicos became one of the Jedi Order's most trusted generals and was renowned for his abilities as a tactician and motivator of his troops.[1]

Stranded on Dathomir[]

"My troops betrayed me. I was forced to strike them down and I escaped."
―Taron Malicos, to Cal Kestis[1]

The wreckage of Malicos' ship on Dathomir.

In 19 BBY,[2] when Order 66 was enacted, Malicos was betrayed and attacked by his clone troopers, but managed to escape them on his ship. Malicos crash-landed on Dathomir, where he succumbed to the dark side of the Force. His presence was noted by the Nightbrothers and they brought him before Viscus, the leader of the clan. Malicos then killed him, which proved his strength to the other Nightbrothers and gained him substantial influence over the Nightbrothers clan. He ruled them with fear, which resulted in the Nightbrothers worshiping him due to his power in the Force.[1] During that time, he gained scars and carried trophies from slain Nightbrothers that had opposed him.[3] It was also during this time that Malicos met Merrin and began to manipulate her in an attempt to learn the magick of the Nightsisters.[1]

First encounter with Kestis[]

"Who are you?"
"You don't… no, no one to fear. No. Just a traveler. Studying the nature of… extinct cultures and dead philosophies."
―Cal Kestis and Taron Malicos[1]

The "wanderer" meets Cal Kestis for the first time.

In 14 BBY,[4] during his time on Dathomir, Malicos met former Padawan Cal Kestis outside of the Tomb of Kujet. Malicos saw that Kestis had met Merrin and was surprised he had survived the encounter with her. However, he soon realized that the lightsaber that Kestis carried saved his life. Malicos posed as an innocent "wanderer" who liked to travel, studying extinct cultures and dead philosophies. Malicos told Kestis that the Clone Wars had come to Merrin's world and she had to watch her family die. Kestis then asked about the ruins to the former Jedi. Malicos explained that they were "ancient beyond belief." He then claimed that the Nightsisters were tempted by the power within the temple. Malicos then warned Kestis to stay away from the ruins or be corrupted by the power within the structure.[1]

Kestis ignored Malicos' advice, ultimately entering the tomb. There, he had a vision of what had happened to him during Order 66, which culminated in Jaro Tapal's specter crushing Kestis' lightsaber. Shortly after, Malicos questioned Kestis about going into the ruins, but Kestis didn't want to talk to him. The former Jedi kept talking however, though Kestis had enough of it and wanted to know who he really was. He then revealed his true identity as Taron Malicos, a former Jedi and survivor of the Great Jedi Purge.[1]

Malicos stated that they had "much in common," such as being purge survivors but Kestis doubted it. He then revealed that had no choice but to kill the clone troopers and escape, that the darkness on the planet almost tried to control him. Malicos then stated that he had prevented that by conquering the power within. Kestis then realized that he was the leader of the Nightbrothers and the former Jedi confirmed it to be true, that he had become their leader because of his strength in the Force. Kestis did not agree with his stance. Malicos asserted that "these were dark times" and knew the Kestis had seen something in the ruins. The former Jedi tried convincing Kestis to join him on his path by joining his "family," but was unsuccessful. Merrin then showed up and stated that she was familiar with Malicos' deceit. The pair were soon attacked by Nightsister Zombies controlled by Merrin, due to her wanting Malicos' manipulation to end, whilst Malicos claimed that she had no control over her power and had become possessed by it. The outcome of the skirmish forced Kestis to flee.[1]

Duel with Kestis and entombment[]

"It's like you said Malicos, Dathomir will be your grave. Let him lie in the dark with his secrets. Until death takes him."
―Merrin, to Taron Malicos[1]

Kestis and Malicos duel in Kujet's Tomb.

When Kestis returned to the planet, Merrin approached him while the Padawan was inside the Tomb. Merrin was surprised that the Padawan returned, stating it was "brave but, not wise." Kestis told her that Malicos had lied about the Jedi conducting the massacre on Dathomir.[1] In actuality, the mass slaughter was orchestrated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and its leader, the Sith Lord Count Dooku, ordered the Kaleesh cyborg General Grievous to annihilate the entirety of the Nightsisters.[5] In return, the Nightsister expressed that Malicos had promised her revenge if she taught him magick. With the extent of Malicos' intent revealed, Merrin and Kestis decided to stop the dark sider together. Kestis approached the former Jedi inside the Tomb of Kujet and Malicos once again attempted to convert him by telling him that he wanted to create something new and better. However, Kestis did not concur.[1]

Malicos' fate at the hands of Merrin

Failing to do so, Malicos ignited his two lightsabers and attacked Kestis. During the duel, Malicos lifted Kestis and slammed him onto the ground. While the Padawan was on the ground, Malicos broke a chunk of rock off a wall with the Force and was about to kill Kestis with it. However, Merrin used magick and crushed the rock into small pieces. Merrin then started hurling energy balls at the fallen Jedi, though Malicos deflected them with his lightsabers. Malicos then threw one of his lightsabers at the pillar Merrin was standing on and pulled it down with the Force, though the Nightsister jumped down to where Malicos was. Merrin then told Kestis to "get up" and then disappeared. The Padawan then continued the duel against the fallen Jedi Master, with Merrin appearing several times and throwing magick energy at Malicos to assist Kestis. Eventually, Merrin grabbed Malicos with her magick and buried him alive underneath the tomb ground, leaving both the young Jedi and Nightsister victorious in the duel.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Jedi learn? There's no future for them. How can you not see that? It's time for something new. You and me. We could build something different. Something better."
―Taron Malicos, to Cal Kestis[1]

Taron Malicos was a tall, muscular human male who had gray hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.[1]

Malicos was driven insane by the dark power of Dathomir.

Malicos was a formidable Jedi General as well as a trained motivator and cunning tactician. Noted for his competency and courage at leading clone troopers into battle, the Jedi Order counted Malicos as one of their most trusted battlefield commanders.[1]

However, after being betrayed by his own troops and spending several years on Dathomir, Malicos succumbed to darkness and madness. He became power-hungry and manipulative, having influenced the Nightbrothers to follow him and exerted power over Merrin when he asked to learn the art of Nightsister Magick and lied to her about the Jedi conducting the massacre of her fellow Nightsisters, when in truth, it was conducted by General Grievous on the orders of Count Dooku.[5] He was also keen at being evasive in order to keep his true identity secret. He did this to Cal Kestis by portraying himself as a "wanderer" who studied ancient history and philosophies, while Kestis wanted to know who he was.[1]

Whilst on Dathomir, Malicos gained scars and carried trophies from dead Nightbrothers he had slain due to opposition from them.[3] He had also lost faith in the Jedi, believing they had doomed themselves to eternal extinction by allowing their traditions and past glories to blind them to reality. In the Jedi Order's place, he wanted to create something new and better. The former Jedi believed that Merrin could not control her own power, claiming that she had become possessed by it, such as her releasing a number of Nightsister Zombies to attack Kestis and Malicos.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"What in these ruins tempts you so much to risk death?"
"I could ask you the same thing."
"There's power there. Beyond Jedi understanding. Power I control. I would offer you the same thing."
―Taron Malicos and Cal Kestis, referring to the Tomb of Kujet[1]

As a former Jedi Master, Malicos was an accomplished lightsaber combatant, favoring the use of two single-bladed lightsabers in battle, proving himself to be a strong practitioner of Jar'Kai.[1] Malicos' abilities were enough to help him kill Viscus, the Nightbrothers' leader, and proved himself a powerful fighter to the clan.[3] Likewise, when he fought Kestis, Malicos proved to be able to easily handle Kestis's assaults and was only defeated by Merrin helping Kestis.[1]

Malicos was incredibly powerful with the Force, and displayed high competency in the use of telekinesis. He could lift multiple boulders simultaneously and fling them at opponents, which he did to Kestis during their duel, and occasionally throw his lightsabers with incredible accuracy. He was able to telekinetically restrain and fling Kestis around with ease. Malicos could also use the Force to augment his own physique and assist him in combat.[1]

Furthermore, Malicos was a master tactician and general during the Clone Wars, using those abilities to motivate his troops in battle.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Taron Malicos concept art.

Taron Malicos was first introduced in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. He was voiced by Liam McIntyre[1] and had a range of concept art in The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.[3]


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