Tarquin Zian was a male Twi'lek smuggler who worked in the times of the Galactic Empire. He was the only crewman of Red Fang. Zian was contacted by Prefect Dengless Rinn of Kallistas, who wanted to make a coup against Governor Linrec. Zian became an in-betweener between Rian and the Mantis Syndicate: He would provide Rinn with weapons for his coup, and Rinn would pay him with illegally obtained Kallistan gems.

Zian also transported bounty hunter Demos Traxen to Kallistas, because Traxen wanted to track an Alliance agent there. Zian chose to take some time to avoid Imperial encounters but the Rebel agent had already been captured by the time Traxen reached Kallistas. Some time later, Rinn posted a new bounty for pirate Jondrell Inx. For that bounty he hired Traxen and two other bounty hunters, Sirenas Firil and Chandrex Grenn. Rinn specifically asked Zian to keep an eye on them, as the prefect did not trust them completely.


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