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The Tarsunt were a species of furry sentients from the planet of the same name. They were represented by Senator Colandrus in the Galactic Republic, and by Lanever Villecham in the New Republic; the latter went on to serve as chancellor in the New Republic Senate until his death in the Hosnian Cataclysm.

Biology and appearance[]

Tarsunts had long pelts of fur sprouting around their heads, some with brown coloration and elder members of the species exhibiting wispy white hair hanging long from the chin and jowls like a beard. They had large faces with broad brows, widely-spaced black eyes, a pair of large, flared nostrils, and hanging jowls over the mouth and chin, all framed by fur. Skin colors ranged from gray-blues to yellows[1] and purples.[2] Tarsunt Vober Dand stood at 1.73 meters, and wore five-fingered gloves[6] over his paws.[4]

Society and culture[]

Signs of age were respected in Tarsunt culture.[1] Members of the species could speak Galactic Basic Standard.[4]


Tarsunts were native to the planet Tarsunt,[5] of the Tarsunt system in the Mid Rim Territories.[1] Some members of the species, such as Vober Dand, hailed from Suntilla,[6] and the Suntilla system was represented by Senator Colandrus in the Galactic Senate.[3]

Tarsunts in the galaxy[]

Blik ran a gladiatorial arena where droids fought each other.[7]

Brill was a Tarsunt who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic as an engineer, and participated in the Battle of Endor. She dyed her long pelt a shocking pink color.[4]

Lanever Villecham represented his homeworld of Tarsunt in the New Republic Senate,[5] and was elected as chancellor of the New Republic in 33 ABY.[1]

Vober Dand, a brown-pelted Tarsunt from Suntilla, held the rank of chief of the Resistance's Ground Logistics Division on D'Qar, and used his mathematical mind to calculate flight schedules, maintenance requirements, and hangar operations.[6] Although Vober's father, Ibdun Dand, initially forbade him from joining the Resistance, the elder Tarsunt later joined his son in the Resistance ground crew, and they served together on Ajan Kloss around the time of the Battle of Exegol.[8]


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