Tasander Dest was a male Hapan who was raised on the planet of Dathomir by his father. When Dest's father decided to leave, Dest chose to remain on the planet and eventually founded the Broken Columns Clan, a tribe composed of men.

Under Dest's leadership, the Broken Columns Clan befriended the Raining Leaves Clan, a clan of traditionalist Dathomiri Witches. The Broken Columns clan was the only tribe of men that did not attack the Raining Leaves Clan shortly after the massacre that befell their clan. The two tribes developed a custom where every year they would convene near Redgill Lake and form marriages that lasted a year. After a few years the two clans decided to merge into one.

In 43.5 ABY, during the clan's annual conclave, they suffered several attacks from the Nightsisters. With the help of the Jedi Luke and Ben Skywalker and the Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, as well as other off-worlders, the two clans fought off the Nightsisters. The two clans eventually merged into the Bright Sun Clan, and was headed by the marriage of Dest to Kaminne Sihn, the leader of the Raining Leaves Clan. Dest also provided the Skywalkers a deed to allow them to a new school for the Jedi Order on Dathomir.

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  1. In Fate of the Jedi: Backlash, it is stated that Tasander Dest stood eye-level with Han Solo, who is identified as being 1.8 meters tall in his Databank entry.
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