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Tasar crystals were vibrant crystals native to the planet Tasariq. The stones were first formed when in the early days of the planet, a climactic meteor shower hit the planet, nearly wiping out the Tasari people. As a result, the crystals were revered by the Tasari objects of great power, and blood sacrifices would be performed in hopes of unlocking the mystical magic that supposedly resided deep within the tasar crystals. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Tasari had all but abandoned these archaic rituals, but most Tasari families still possessed some tasar crystals as important heirlooms. There were even some bands of Tasari which still believed in the power of the crystals as a type of healing magic. The crystals came in a variety of colors with each variety supposedly possessing a different level of power or specific use. When civilized society came to Tasariq, the crystals became a valuable commodity and were sometimes used as a type of currency. The TranStar Construction company began to build cities on the planet in hopes that further gathering of tasar crystals would make them rich.


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